The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds by Venus O’Hara

The Best of Both Worlds

The best nights are always the ones you don’t expect much from. That’s how it was when I went out clubbing with a former coworker and his girlfriend a couple of years ago. It was during my lesbian phase. We started the night at an Irish pub having a quiet drink and catchup and I met my friend’s girlfriend for the first time.  I had already heard so much about her from my friend, so I was curious to meet her. She was friendly and smiley, with a touch of shyness and a geeky look with her thick black-rimmed glasses. Although she was perfectly pleasant, the conversation didn’t flow so easily at first and there were some moments of awkwardness as we searched for topics to talk about. 

If someone had told me how the evening would end, I would never have believed them.

My friend was keen for us to meet because she was bicurious, apparently. Seeing as I used to go to gay clubs every weekend, my friend thought it would be a good idea for them to accompany me and help his girlfriend to meet a potential female lover and finally pop her sapphic cherry while he watched. I was only too happy to assist her with this endeavour. 

After a few drinks, we arrived at a popular lesbian club. The alcohol kicked in, and the dance floor started filling up. The music was terrible but that didn’t stop us from dancing. My friend’s girlfriend really came out of her shell as it seems that the combination of the music and the alcohol unleashed her wilder side. All of a sudden, she didn’t seem shy at all. We started dancing together, rocking our pelvises together in time with the music. It seemed like she had forgotten her main mission of the night. Instead of paying attention to other women in the club, she looked at me as if I were her target of desire before jumping on me and kissing me passionately. 

Although I wasn’t attracted to her when we first met, the unexpectedness and spontaneity of the situation seduced me, and when I felt her hands on my body, my desires awakened. When things got too wild, my friend suggested going to my place to finish what we had started. 

As soon as we walked through the front door, I took her to my room, and our clothes quickly fell to the floor. My friend stood there, with eyes wide open, unable to believe what he was seeing. He also undressed and started masturbating in the corner as he observed us on the bed.

After a deep exploration of breasts, cunnilingus, and female intuition, I needed a penis. Although it felt weird to hook up with a coworker, he had a penis, and that’s what I craved the most at that moment. I grabbed a condom and gave it to him. She was lying on her back, and I got on top of her face down, allowing our breasts and vulvas to rub together as I waited for my friend, her boyfriend, to penetrate me from behind.

I was pressed in the middle of the two of them, like a sandwich, enjoying the femininity below and the masculinity above. I understood why I love the phrase: “Why choose when you can have both?”. It has become the phrase that I live by and this was a perfect example of it. After an epic orgasm, I went to sleep between them, feeling very happy, knowing that I had experienced the very best of both worlds.

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