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The Art of Playing Footsie (Foot Fetish)

The Art of Playing Footsie (Foot Fetish)

Playing footsie is an ideal way to spice up a romantic dinner for two. It is even better when it is used as a distraction from yet another boring lunch with the in-laws.

Footsie is defined as the action of touching another person’s feet, lightly, with your own. It usually occurs out of plain sight, especially under the table during a social situation such as having dinner. Footsie is seen as a playful expression of romantic interest.

Playing footsie can be a lot of fun. It is provocative and highly arousing. The recipient does not even have to be a foot-fetishist to be turned on by it. Although footsie can be exciting at home, I get a bigger thrill when I do it in public. I have learned to my cost that not all restaurants are footsie-friendly. There are some precautions that I would recommend.

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The first thing that I would look out for is the length of the tablecloths that the restaurant uses. If they are too short then footsie will be out of the question. That is, unless you want to be the focus of unwanted attention from voyeurs or the restaurants management. If your intention is to be thrown out because of bad behaviour then all well and good. If not, then eating at an establishment that uses long tablecloths is highly recommended.

Next, it is always a good idea to be prepared for footsie by choosing footwear that is appropriate for the task. You will need shoes that you can slip off your bare feet as smoothly, and as discretely, as possible. I would suggest ballerina pumps or a pair of strapless high heels.

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When you are ready, point your toe at your lover’s ankle and begin to caress it. Pretend to be even more fascinated by what he is saying than usual. Avoid any indication that you are aware of anything strange going on under the table.

Then, using your toes, find where the top of his socks end and where his bare skin begins. Go as high as you can up his trouser leg. It will not be very far, so make the most of this restricted area. Focus on some subtle, skin-to-skin contact.

After your big toe has finished ‘greeting’ his hairy shins you should lift your foot clear and pause. Then, on the outside of his trousers, you can work your way up his inner thigh. Keep going until you can place your heel on the seat of his chair, between his legs. Now, place your restless toes on his crotch while you ask him trivial questions as a distraction.

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At home, this scenario takes on an added dimension if it is played out under a glass table. In that case, you can add to his discomfort and delight by including flashes of upskirt with lingerie and exposed thighs.

Back in the restaurant setting, however, I have noticed that men begin to lose their appetite at this point; their appetite for food, I mean.

They become anxious to settle the bill and suggest that they take me home without any further delay.

I agree, of course, even though we hardly got past the starter.

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