The Art of Exhibitionism

I felt the photographer’s flash as it lit my naked breasts and belly. It made me think about exhibitionism as I held the coat open.

I understand exhibitionism in my own way. It isn’t just about flaunting or exposing parts of your body when you’re in public. I know it can be a result of spontaneous need, a psychological compulsion or just too much alcohol mixed with the sudden impulse to be outrageous. What really interests me about exhibitionism is its dual nature. If it’s threatening or anti-social we call it indecent exposure. In a social situation and amongst like-minded people it can be called “flashing” instead.

I’m not really an exhibitionist but I love posing so much that there must be a part of me that wants to share my charms with others. At swinger’s parties or fetish events I’m more of a voyeur. I enjoy the results of other peoples exhibitionism more that indulging my own. At a recent fetish party I stood back and stared as two girls performed on stage. One of them was on a leash and the other was walking her around like a dog. I respected the effort it took to be displayed like that and I enjoyed the response of the audience to a real exhibitionist in action. I’d never want to be that girl on stage.

I was doing a nude photo-shoot recently. It was late and it was cold. During a break between set-ups I started to shiver and looked in the wardrobe behind me for something to wear for a few minutes. I needed something warm to cover my naked body until we started again. This coat was ideal. It was a typical man’s coat. It was long and heavy. When I put it on me I felt like a “flasher”. I opened the coat and heard the photographer’s voice.

“Dont move.” He said, so I didn’t.

The photographer fitted another flash on his camera and got down to business. The next part of the shoot became all about my kind of exhibitionism.

Each of his flashes was matched by one of mine.

Photography by Guy Moberly.

30 thoughts on “The Art of Exhibitionism”

    1. Top notch ( would have been even better if you’d opened the coat and turned into the light 🙂 mmmm )

    1. By hiding your total nakedness you make the glimpses you give us so much more important.

  1. It’s brass monkey’s outside but inside it just got warmer…seeing you starkers under those coats…

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