The Appeal of Wrinkled Soles (Foot Fetish)

The Appeal of Wrinkled Soles (Foot Fetish)

For most people wrinkles are an inevitable, if highly unwelcome, fact of getting older. Our increasingly image-conscious society is governed by the impossibly youthful standards set by popular culture. Botox and cosmetic fillers are often used to address the reality of wrinkles. Photoshop and filters can ensure our photographic freshness while those ever-present anti-wrinkle creams can take care of the rest.

When it comes to foot fetish, it’s a different story. Some enthusiasts get off on wrinkled soles. As a result of the correct application of expert tickling, the foot can tense up.Toe-curling can follow and the soft sole can ripple prettily as a consequence. This involuntary transformation of a smooth sole becoming a more textured and wrinkled sole is nirvana for the discerning foot fetishist.

My chosen foot photographer, Mr Tickle BCN, sighed “This is foot fetish heaven!” several times as I produced the wrinkled sole effect for his eager lens. I was lying flat, face-down, on the messy bed as, unseen by me, he approached my feet from different angles.

Wrinkled Soles Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0021

Every time I relaxed my feet, he went quiet. When I scrunched them, I heard him whimper. Sometimes, he gave me an unexpected tickle to encourage my performance. It was his sharp, pointed, fingernail, rubbing at the very centre of my foot that gave him the wrinkled soles that he craved.

I laughed out loud and kicked my legs before changing my position; only for the intoxicating game to begin again.

Wrinkled Soles Venus O'Hara by Mr Tickle BCN-0024

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