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Tantric Massage Barcelona

I’ll never forget that scene from the erotic film Emmanuelle, when the female protagonist receives a body to body massage from another woman.The masseuse doesn’t just use hands to rub her all over, as in a conventional massage, but uses her naked body as well. That scenario awoke something in my erotic imagination; I always hoped that I would experience the same thing one day. I never really thought that I would. That was until I had the opportunity to receive a tantric massage at Santai Masajes in St Gervasi, Barcelona.

Even though I consider myself to have a liberal mentality, the thought of having a professional tantric massage never arose. Now that I’ve had one, however, I’m so glad I did. I was dying to feel someone’s hands on me. But, I wanted to feel them in a way that you just don’t experience during a conventional massage. You can’t get that sensation during sex either, not unless you have a partner who is really into long foreplay sessions. Even during post-coital embraces I wish the hair stroking and nape caresses would last much, much longer.

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Finding sex, or a conventional massage, is easy. For sex, just pick up a ‘phone, go through the contacts, and send a message to a friend with benefits. In most cases, someone will be up for it. If not, there’s always Tinder. During these encounters, the focus is usually on genitals and breasts. More often than not, the other erogenous zones of the body are ignored.

On the other hand, a conventional massage is fantastic for those moments when you’re dying to be touched, even though the genitals are ignored and the range of touches is limited.

In a tantric massage, the masseuse uses her whole body, her elbows and breasts for example. In Santai massages, if you want to glance at what’s happening to you, there are strategically placed mirrors on each wall at either side. This is ideal for visual people.

My nape, feet, back and arms were the parts of my body that craved to be touched by an expert. In tantric massage, the types of touch are more varied. There is conventional kneading, caresses and soft tickles. Fingernails are used, which is highly pleasurable. There is also skin to skin contact.

After booking my appointment, I was asked whether I preferred a male or female masseur to work on me. I wanted a sapphic experience, like the scene from Emmanuelle. I craved a woman’s soft skin and her intuition.


Interestingly, there are also a great many couples who visit Santai massages. Sometimes they have separate sessions or they stay in the same room and have two masseurs. If they want, they can enjoy some alone time after their massage. The massage team can even give tips to the male partner so he can improve his own skills when the couple get home. The whole experience is ideal for couples who are looking for a sensual experience or who are stuck in a routine.


There are, fortunately, more and more women who are enjoying the sensual delights of erotic massage.


There is, of course, the possibility of a happy ending after a session of skilful genital manipulation. I must confess that my request was for a massage without a happy ending. It wasn’t a sexual experience that I was after but a purely sensual one. The massage gave me plenty of new ideas to feed my erotic imagination and inspire happy endings of my own, in the future.

It must be noted that penetration and oral sex are definitely NOT on offer.

Click HERE to see a complete list of the treatments on offer. including four-handed massage and much more.

Now, if you’re looking for a tantric massage in Barcelona, you know where to go! I know I’ll definitely be going back.

For more information, please visit their website.

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