Glasses Fetish – Venus O’Hara

These days, looking like a geek is sexy. Even though I don’t need glasses, I have a glasses fetish.

People who wear glasses have an instant air of intelligence. When faced with two equally competent applicants for the same job it is only natural that a Human Resources officer would choose a studious-looking young woman with dark hair and glasses over a girl with highlighted hair and a bad complexion.

Sometimes glasses act like a soft disguise for a face in a way not easy to comprehend at first glance. When a girl wears her hair up and flaunts a functional pair of workplace glasses, our easy appreciation of her is denied and we begin to speculate feverishly, in our own minds, about what she might look like with her hair down and her eyes and face gloriously naked instead. Just the act of her removing those glasses is heightened with a delicious fetish potential all of its own.

That potential can be exploited in any number of arousing ways when applied to fetish role-play. Glasses can assist you in embodying a character more fully than just about any other prop or piece of apparel. With the appropriate pair slid onto your nose, you can become a strict teacher or a disobedient student, exploitative businesswoman or timid librarian; the potential they represent for an array of other personas is almost too tempting for words.

The effect they have on a hypnotised lover has to be seen to be believed.
Photos by Fernando Gebbia

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