Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

I recently hosted a gala evening for the official EroSpain Award Ceremony. The very first edition of EroSpain was celebrated in Barcelona, Spain a couple of weeks ago. There were many categories of prizes and I was thrilled that Svakom won the best brand award, one of the most coveted prizes of the whole ceremony. 


I smiled as I awarded the prize to the brand representatives who attended the event. I also remembered that I still had a Svakom product at home to review. It was Phoenix Neo 2 and after witnessing this industry victory, I was even more inspired to try it again when I got home and prepare this review. 

I was even more inspired when a female member of the Svakom team confessed to me that she was inspired to buy her very first sex toy after watching one of my YouTube sex toy review videos. She was so inspired by this discovery that she now works in the pleasure sector. I was thrilled to discover this confirmation and affirmation of my influence as I often feel that I’m just speaking to a wall when I make my content. As a result, I often forget that every viewer represents a person. It may seem obvious, but sometimes I take this for granted. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

The Phoenix 2 is a vibrator designed for female pleasure. It is made of high-quality, body-safe silicone and features a sleek, ergonomic design that is easy to handle and use. It has a curved shape that is intended to stimulate the G-spot and is also ideal to use for external clitoral stimulation.


One of the standout features of the Phoenix 2 is its powerful motor, which provides intense vibrations that can be adjusted through its eleven different vibration modes. It can be controlled by the Svakom app. On the app, you can increase and decrease the intensity of any of the pleasure programmes. 


PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard box that includes Phoenix Neo 2, USB Charging Cable, User Manual & Storage Pouch. Planet lovers will be pleased to discover that there are no single-use plastics. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review


MATERIAL:  It is made of medical-grade body-safe silicone. It is soft to the touch and it is waterproof making it perfect for use in the bath or the shower and it means that it’s easy to wash. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: deep and rumbly, from moderate to strong. Most of the sensation is on the internal component that stimulates the G spot. There is some residual vibration that can be perceived on the clitoral component, but if you want some intense clitoral stimulation, you will need to use it completely externally. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. When worn internally, you cannot hear a thing. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

USABILITY: Charging time takes 2.5 hours and a full charge will provide 4.5 hours of pleasure which means that you don’t have to charge it very often. This makes it an attractive option for professionals in the webcamming industry. For non-professional use, it’s ideal for couple play and the long-lasting battery means that it is still nice not to have to worry about the battery running out every few orgasms. 

Svakom Phoenix Neo 2 Review

It weighs 91 g which means that if you walk around while wearing it inside, you’ll be giving your pelvic floor muscles an intense workout. 


So how does it compare to other products from rival brands with a similar shape? The main difference is that the vibrating component is longer and slimmer. It is comfortable to insert and it’s fantastic for couple play, 


The App is very intuitive to use. The interface is simple and self-explanatory. It’s very easy to pair the devices. The app is great for solo use as it allows you to programme the intensity of any of the 11 preset pleasure modes. 


There are 6 modes in total: 


  • Touch mode 
  • Automatic mode
  • Custom mode
  • Music mode
  • Sound mode
  • Remote mode.


I was able to try them all with the exception of remote mode due to my current personal circumstances. 


I particularly enjoyed using it externally to stimulate my clitoris. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: It feels great internally but in order to provoke an orgasm, I had to use it externally as a clitoral stimulator. It felt amazing. When worn internally, it’s the perfect toy for teasing. 


PROS: Very intuitive app. Easy to pair. Ergonomic shape. Elegant packaging. No single-use plastics. Waterproof. Deep, rumbly motor. Very long-lasting battery. 


CONS: I can’t think of any except for the fact that I’d love it more if I could feel more residual vibration on the external component so that I could enjoy dual stimulation. 




  • G spot stimulation. 
  • Long-distance couple play. 
  • Using externally as a clitoral stimulator. 
  • Webcam professionals.


For more information about the Phoenix Neo 2 from Svakom, click here.


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Check out my video below which features a soundcheck and unboxing.

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