Suncream – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

I hate dates. They make me feel so nervous and awkward. 


It all starts with liking someone’s photos, swiping and then chatting. During that process, you’re mind goes into overdrive as you imagine all sorts of things about them, hoping that they are everything you are looking for. It’s all a projection. But then when you meet them in person, it can be a huge disappointment. 


That feeling when you arrive first at the meeting point for your date can be excruciating. Trying to look calm as you imagine they will see you from afar before they approach you and say ‘hello’. 


It only takes a few seconds to know if there is a physical attraction there. And if not, you have to be polite and sit through a coffee or whatever it is you’re doing. Yes, excruciating is the word—the things we will do to avoid loneliness and try and get sex. 


I was pondering all of this as I waited for her at the underground station. It was a warm summer afternoon and we had decided to go to the beach together. We had connected on a lesbian dating platform the week before and I wanted to meet her as soon as possible rather than wait and let my hopes build up. This way I could get the disappointment over and done with just in case we didn’t vibe. 


When I saw her finally approach me, I was pleasantly surprised. She was more attractive than in her profile pictures and her body was curvy. I was looking forward to seeing her in a bikini. We greeted each other with a hug and as soon as I felt her body against mine for a fleeting moment, my imagination was ignited. 


We made small talk as we made our way towards the beach, commenting on how great the weather was and how beautiful the city was during this time of year. When we got to the beach, we managed to find an empty spot on the sand, not far from the shore where we could appreciate the soft crashing sounds of the Mediterranean waves. 


We lay our towels down on the sand and then we sat down and whipped our summer dresses off to reveal our bikini bodies. She was beautiful. I tried not to drool all over her body but I couldn’t help myself. I was hoping it wasn’t too obvious given that I was wearing sunglasses. 


I took my suncream out of my bag and started to apply it to my legs. 


‘Would you like a hand with that?’ she asked. 


‘That would be great, thanks,’ I answered and then handed her the bottle and lay face down. She squeezed out some suncream on my legs and rubbed it in. Her soft touch seduced me, especially as I noticed her fingertips get close to the tops of my inner thighs, millimetres away from my vulva


When my legs were full of cream, she then straddled me and proceeded to cover my back with it. 


‘Do you mind if I…?’ she asked as she tugged on my bikini top string. 


‘Go for it,’ I said and let her undo the knot, exposing my bare back, and allowing her hands to move freely all over my naked skin. 


At this point, my body was literally on fire and it wasn’t due to the sun. 


When she was finished, she asked me to rub some cream on her. 


‘Of course,’ I said. I got up from where I was and didn’t even re-tie my bikini top. Instead, I took it off completely exposing my bare breasts to the Mediterranean sea breeze.


We swapped places and she lay face down while my hands went all over her soft skin. Her curves were so inviting that I even went over the same spots several times, knowing that they were already covered in cream. I undid her bikini top and she wriggled out of it letting me know that she also wanted to go topless. 


Then without exchanging any words, I lay beside her and we proceeded to put cream on each other’s breasts. It was a highly erotic experience that seemed more sensual than sexual. We barely spoke but our silence was far from awkward. It was incredibly stimulating and not just for us it seemed. There was a group of guys around ten metres away from us who were looking over at us, not quite believing what they were seeing, but we didn’t let that stop us. 


When we were full of cream we lay face up, allowing the sun to caress our bare skin and we exchanged a few words about the beautiful weather. 


When the sun eventually went down, I started to get cold and we both got dressed. 


‘Would you like to meet again?’ she asked. 


‘I’d love to,’ I answered. 


We walked to the underground station and said ‘goodbye’. I was in a daze when I took the train back home. I was thinking about how different I was feeling compared to when I’d arrived and how I’d been dreading the awkwardness that is typical of first dates. 


I acknowledged this and I realised that I still hated dates, they still made me feel nervous and awkward.  But sometimes you just have to give someone a chance because you never know.

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