Summertime Sploshing

I have been thinking about doing a Sploshing photo-shoot for a long time, at least a couple of years in fact. The “Wet and Messy” fetish has fascinated me for all of that time but I have never quite got around to exploring it properly.

The thing is, Sploshing appeals to me more during the summer months. That is because having cold, sweet liquids and slimy edible goop dripped onto me, or thrown over me, seems like a more tolerable prospect when it is warmer. Nevertheless, two summers have gone by and nothing much happened. This summer is going to be very different.

This week it was time to take decisive Sploshing action and, as luck would have it, the opportunity to have an obliging photographer on hand, to record the event, arose quite unexpectedly.


What type of slime, gunk or slop would be available and appropriate for the session?

I did not plan out the Sploshing session nor did I prepare a selection of sugary, gooey desserts in anticipation of it as I should have done. All I did was haul the refridgerator door open and hope that there might be something suitably cold, sticky and wet, waiting inside.


Fortunately, I found a large tub of yoghurt (vegan of course) that I could mix with water and put to good Sploshing use.

I imagined how it would feel as it trickled down my feet.

No matter how prepared you think you are for being smeared, the sudden sensation of the cool gunge against your skin is always a surprise and makes me laugh. I could never put up with it in winter.


The smell of the soya yoghurt filled the room and it hung around until well after the shoot. I’m not sure that I will ever look at it in the same way again and it will not feature on my shopping list for quite a while, that is certain.

Next time, I will mix up some custard in advance and I will require the services of a “thrower” to make sure that I am covered in it, from head to toe. I have to confess that I know who that lucky man will be already and I hope that he will be looking forward to it as much as I am.


Photos by Lourdes Ribas


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