Summertime Sadness for Hosiery Fetishists

The warm weather has arrived, finally. I can appreciate the increased exposure of firm cleavages and long bare legs to greedy eyes on the street. While many pedestrians are thrilled about seeing more naked skin as they walk around, I cannot help but feel a little sad at the spectacle. As a devoted hosiery fetishist, the rising temperatures can only mean that my passion for wearing sheer seamed stockings, fishnet stockings and suspender belts will have to be put on hold again until autumn returns.

I just adore going out dressed in extravagant lingerie. I enjoy wearing a short skirt over the top of stockings and suspenders especially. The feeling of my naked thighs stroking against each other with every single step of my high heels arouses me more than I can explain.

venus o'hara hosiery 22

It can be a real challenge to wear stockings and suspenders properly. It requires time, precision and no small amount of effort to get them looking just right. If they’re seamed stockings it’s even more complicated but its always worth it. That means ensuring that the seams are perfectly straight and that the stocking tops are at the identical height at the top of both thighs. Then it is essential to attach the clasps of the suspender straps with perfect symmetry. You can’t achieve this yourself without a full-length mirror. Alternatively, having the painstaking hands of an attentive sub  simplifies the process completely.

venus o'hara hosiery 26
Recently, I discovered the solution to the problem of stockings and suspenders for lazy hosiery fetishists-crotchless tights. They only take 30 seconds to put on and the wealth of horny designs and  texture choices guarantee endless variety. Of course, if the opportunity for action arises without warning, you don’t need to take them off or straighten them up again afterwards.

venus o'hara hosiery 7

I’ll make sure to make the most of the last days of spring. I’ll continue to wear my crotchless mesh tights until the moment when the summer weather forces me to fold them up and put them away in my hosiery drawer.

I’ll know exactly where to lay my hands on them so that I can indulge myself in my hosiery fetish in the autumn once again.
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