Stronic Surf from FUN FACTORY Review

Stronic Surf from FUN FACTORY Review

Although I have the luxury of living by the beach, I must admit that it’s the last place that I’d choose to be at this precise moment. The reasons for this is that there are far too many tourists and the temperature is ridiculously high, even for Barcelona. As we approach the end of summer, I can relax a little. I know that it won’t be long until the holidaymakers make their way home. The average temperature will become much more manageable and I’ll be able to go to the beach and enjoy the hypnotic sounds of the Mediterranean waves once again.

When I received the Stronic Surf from Fun Factory, it made me realise just how grateful I am to live close to the sea. I say this even in spite of the fact that now is not the best time to enjoy it. In fact, I don’t even have to leave my apartment to get a taste of surfing fever.

Let me explain.

My beachside neighbourhood features narrow streets and one has to be extremely vigilant when it comes to walking around the apartment in a state of undress. This is especially true if you want to have sex or test sex toys. Sometimes, I’ve been walking around my flat stark naked (because of the temperature, of course) and I’ve caught a clear view of my neighbour who lives in the apartment in front of mine. This usually happens when he is drying-off from his latest surfing session, on the roof terrace of the building opposite me. His wetsuit is half down, exposing his toned, muscular torso. His long, blonde hair is wet and as he enjoyed a long moment in the sun, his eyes are usually closed.

I usually spring to my senses at this point: ‘Fuck, did he see my bare ass?’ I think to myself, ‘Or my tits?’ Obviously, if you follow my Twitter feed, you’ll be only too aware that I’ve got no problem with people checking out my derriere. But, when we’re talking about the real world, the situation is very different. If I’m unaware of being the subject of situational voyeurism from my neighbour then that represents a completely different scenario.

It’s never anything more than a fleeting moment of neighbourly naughtiness at the most. Although he’s an attractive young man, he’s definitely not my type. This is especially true since I discovered that he lives with his Spanish girlfriend. It would seem from the fragments of their arguments that I’m privy to, that he’s not stingy when it comes to distributing his Australian oats, especially among her friends. Sometimes, during the early hours, they wake me up with their latest shouting match. Under those circumstances, all I want to do is shout: ‘Why don’t you just break up?’

A much safer, and reliable, surfing sexperience can be had with the Stronic Surf. I can vouch for that. And, it won’t go out and pleasure my friends behind my back.

Stronic Surf is a pulsator with a wavy surface. It provides gentle, thrusting ripples which can be increased to crashing, mega surf-tastic, waves of pulsating pleasure. It’s not a vibrator, however. This type of toy is ideal for those moments when you crave penetration but there are no suitable candidates around to oblige. Not even promiscuous surfers. I wonder if I should tell my surfer neighbour’s girlfriend about it. It might take the edge off of her relationship angst. The Stronic Surf is doubtless more reliable and dependable than her philandering surf-hunk. I bet that it would be longer-lasting too.

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PACKAGING: The Stronic Surf is presented in an attractive box that includes a magnetic USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet.

MATERIAL: Bodysafe silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof, so you can have surfing sexperiences in the bath, or the shower, if you’re craving some proper water to better realise your intense aquatic fantasies.

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

USABILITY: Very intuitive. First of all, you will need to deactivate the travel lock. It requires 6-8 hours for a complete, initial charge.  A further 1-2 hours will provide up to 45 minutes of intense, pulsating, pleasure. Press the FUN button to switch the toy on. Then, press the (+) button to change the setting or (-) to return to the previous setting. Pressing FUN again stops the toy immediately.

Stronic Surf’s wavy shape provides some singular sensations. It’s surprisingly comfortable and you can enjoy using it hands-free.

I used it in combination with a clitoral stimulator and OMG!

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: I suspected that the shape might just be a summer gimmick, bit in fact, the orgasm was incredibly intense. It also felt so good during stimulation that I found myself holding back.

PROS: More reliable and longer-lasting than most sexy surfers. Singular shape. Fun Factory quality. Waterproof.

CONS: If you prefer more organic shapes, this isn’t really for you.


  • A thorough vaginal massage.
  • Using in combination with a clitoral stimulator.
  • Demanding women looking for a non-vibrating sex toy.
  • Anyone looking searching for a phallic toy that doesn’t resemble a realistic penis.

Get your very own FUN FACTORY Stronic Surf from Peepshow Toys here.

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