STRONIC Real from FUN FACTORY – Review by Venus O’Hara

“You can have sex whenever you want…”

This is what my friends often ask me whenever I’ve gone without real sex for a long time. They don’t seem to understand that celibacy has never been a choice for me; I’m choosy about the partner I want to share my unmade bed with. Abstinence, in my case, is more often the result of unappealing circumstances or the indifferent quality of the material I might have to work with. Sometimes the energy projected by the owners of the penis is insufficient. Not just any member will do.

Masturbation, although it provokes orgasms, is hardly an ongoing substitute for real sex, or even penetration. I very rarely penetrate myself with sex toys and I crave sex almost constantly. I needed to address this lack and do it in a timely way. What was I going to do? After reflecting on the problem for a little while, I wondered whether Stronic Real, a realistic pulsator from FUN FACTORY might provide the answer. It’s not a vibrator. It’s a thrusting dildo with a realistic shape and manageable size.

I received Stronic Real about a month ago. At the moment I’m becoming inundated with deliveries of similarly sized boxes; they all contain new sex toys for me to unbox, test and review. I must confess that Stronic Real was still part of an unsteady stack of deliveries and it wasn’t until I had to try it out on behalf of Peepshow Toys that I gave it my full and undivided attention. Foolishly, I assumed it was just another phallus-shaped toy. How different from the others could it possibly be?

I found out.

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The first Stronics proved to be a little on the large size for me. This slimmer version is much more appropriate for easy insertion; effective penetration is not the long-winded ritual that it can be with some others I could mention. In my opinion, size is a lot less important with a toy than with a real guy.

Technical Specifications:

  • A Travel lock – Honestly, you wouldn’t want it to start up and begin randomly thrusting in your travel bag…OMG!
  • Seven speeds and three different rhythms,
  • Made in Germany,
  • Can be used hands-free.

PACKAGING: It is presented in an impressive box with a USB cable and an instructions manual.

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MATERIAL: Medical grade silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant. Waterproof.

USABILITY: Highly intuitive, like all Fun Factory products. Simply press FUN to play. But first, you should charge the toy up for between 6-8 hours before its initial use. When all of the lights are showing, it means that the toy is ready for action. There is a travel lock, so you will have to deactivate it before your first test drive. To do this, simply press down on the ‘plus’ and FUN button, at the same time, for half a second.

Wash the toy before and after use. You can use soap and water or Fun Factory toy cleaner. I would recommend inserting the toy before switching it on.

To change the setting, press (+) or (-) to find one that you prefer.

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To switch the toy off completely, press down on the FUN button. It will shut down immediately, which is useful if you get rudely interrupted during your self-love session.

It feels amazing inside, even before activating the pulsator. It made me crave the real thing even more. I had absolutely no problem in deciding which perverse scenario to select and enjoy from my enormous backlog of fantasies.

I used it hands-free. This feature means you can make the most of your available fingers; you can sext your partner, caress other parts of your body or someone else’s.

POWER: A very powerful thrusting motion. Even better, it lasts a lot longer than the real thing usually does.

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

ORGASM-O-BILITY: After combining it with a bullet vibrator – and losing myself in intense fantasies that pushed down into my imagination – the Stronic Real got to work plunging into the depths my appreciative vagina. It felt like I was drowning in bliss. There were numerous times that I had to hold back and resist my imminent orgasm; I didn’t want it to end too soon. When I did succumb, finally, my pelvis bounced up and down on my unmade bed as I moaned scandalously. I really do need more of the real thing but, in the meantime, there is Stronic Real.

PROS: Made in Germany. FUN FACTORY quality. Can be used hands-free. Waterproof. Bodysafe silicone. Easy to insert. Rechargeable. Long lasting.

CONS: what cons?


  • When you crave penetration from a realistic penis.
  • Hand-free capability for lazy self-love sessions.
  • Using in combination with a clitoral stimulator for an even more orgasmic experience.

Get your very own Stronic real from FUN FACTORY via Peepshow Toys here.

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