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The Benefits of Strawberry Sex – Venus O’Hara

There’s nothing like strawberry sex; because it’s never dull, ordinary or vanilla. Neither is it dangerous, extreme or serious. Strawberry sex is never less than rude, kinky and fun and it throws in handcuffs, chairs, ropes, ice cream and fruit wherever and whenever possible. Every sense pleasure, erotic stimulus and opportunity to explore the moment without inhibition is what it means.

Eating a handful of strawberries can increase your sex drive, a nutritional survey claimed recently.

The fruit is covered with seeds that contain zinc, the nutrient most closely associated with sex. A man can deplete his body’s total zinc supply if he has sex three times in 24 hours so the usefulness of this fruit speaks for itself. They also contain large amounts of vital anti-oxidants which encourage increased blood-flow to the sexual organs. Strawberries also provide sustained energy levels at only a few calories. It’s a multi-win situation.

Strawberry Sex - Venus O'Hara
The sight of someone eating a strawberry, slowly, is also very arousing because of its familiar bulbous shape and deep red colour. I made sure my nails were painted with the same shade as my lips and the fruit and I remembered that detail when I slipped on Sebas Romero’s big glasses before we began this shoot. I couldn’t see anything through the thick, heavy lenses so my mind wandered and I thought about the taste of a strawberry and the feel and shape of it against my tongue. When I had one in my mouth I sucked it, enthusiastically, with hollow cheeks until I bit down on it, swallowed and had to wipe the stickiness from my chin afterwards.

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Photos by Sebas Romero.

Strawberry Sex - Venus O'Hara

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  1. Wimbledon will never be the same after this set. Strawberries and fresh cream for this ladies champion…she’s rude and addictive.

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