Spit or Swallow?

When I’m brushing my teeth I sometimes think of suckable sweets instead of toothpaste. The minty taste makes me think about sweet shops and summer holidays. Sometimes I forget to spit out the froth and I swallow it instead. Everyone knows that good girls shouldn’t swallow but sometimes they just can’t help themselves.

I brush my teeth every night before I go to bed. I’m meticulous about oral hygiene and I always have been. I prefer to use an electric toothbrush because it gives me more control and my new one is rechargeable so I’ll never be dependent on batteries ever again. I’d never use a manual one because it takes too much effort and it makes me feel submissive. I deserve to have a slave to perform necessary tasks for me even to keep my teeth clean.

I was modelling my industrial mesh bodystocking at a photographers house a few weeks ago. We’d already taken a lot of photos before I let him know that I needed a break. He made me a coffee and I drank it quickly. I hate having coffee-breath so I wanted to freshen my mouth immediately. He pointed me in the direction of the bathroom. I’m very fussy about other people’s toothbrushes though.

I squeezed out some toothpaste on my finger and rubbed it back and forth across my teeth. It was hard work but my gums tingled after a minute or two. It was a messy process and splatters of minty froth ended up on the mirror. I was gagging and gargling as bubbly slobber dripped from my mouth and trickled down my chin. The bathroom was cold and I was naked apart from the thin black mesh of the bodystocking. My derriere was exposed and my hard nipples poked through the holes.

The photographer didn’t take much convincing when I ran back in my high heels and explained how perverse my reflection was with white stuff dangling from my freckled chin.

I tried to be a good girl and spit but I couldn’t help swallowing.

Once or twice.

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Photography by Guy Moberly.

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