Spanking by Venus O'Hara. Photo Andrew O'Hara

The Act of Spanking – Venus O’Hara

The act of spanking consists of one partner striking the buttocks of another with a bare hand to cause temporary pain and erotic sensation. When an object is used instead of a hand, spanking becomes paddling, belting, caning, whipping, birching or hairbrushing depending on what is used.

Spanking, when used to develop a role-play scenario, becomes much more than just punishment.The intensity of feeling and the mutual understanding of the spanker and the “spankee” easily adds another layer of excitement and realism that increases the enjoyment of any fetishistic characterisations involved. For example, the fantasy of a disobedient schoolgirl being punished by a strict headmaster is never as rich without the consequences of it glowing across her displayed bottom.

Spanking by Venus O'Hara.  Photo Daniel Bauer
Venus O’Hara by Daniel Bauer

For the “spankee” the anticipation of being spanked can be especially arousing because the next contact can never be predicted exactly.They could tense their buttocks in preparation which just stimulates their genital area more. The slap, when it comes, reddens the bottom, warms it and improves the sensation. Suggestions for spanking positions can include over the knee, bent over a chair, on all fours or face down on a bed or a sofa. Other variations can mean the “spankee” hanging over the shoulder of the spanker or lying on their back with their legs raised towards their chest.

Spanking by Venus O'Hara. Photo Kristyan Geyr Images
Spanking by Venus O’Hara. Photo Kristyan Geyr Images

There are ways to improve the spanking experience that add even more to its delights. The spanker can confuse the “spankee” by stroking and caressing his or her “target area” and contradicting their guess of the first strike. The spanker can begin slowly and softly, gradually increasing the intensity of the spank while fixing a rhythm in the mind of the “spankee”. The growing weight of the following blows allows the “spankee” to imagine their own pain threshold and enjoy discovering their actual limits all the more. Some spankers can “mix-up” and improvise random timings and varied strengths to achieve their desired results. Following a harsh slap with a series of subtle, caring caresses and then slowly building towards the next hard one can be recommended.

Very highly recommended, if I’m honest.

Spanking by Venus O'Hara. Photo Andrew O'Hara
Venus O’Hara by Andrew O’Hara

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  1. Gradually building up from hand to rolled up magazine to spoon to leather paddle to wooden paddle to… with feathering in between…

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