Sola Sync Wand Massager Review

Sola Sync Review 

Sex toys aren’t just good for providing plentiful orgasms.

I’ve been suffering from intermittent bouts of chronic lower back pain for almost ten years. There are times when it’s worse than usual and, to better manage the pain, I practise yoga, pilates and I treat myself to the occasional massage.

I adore a skilful massage so much, in fact, that I try to integrate the practise as a necessary part of foreplay with an enthusiastic partner. I get so excited when I feel strange hands caressing me and kneading my back. But, if they become fatigued by my demands and I need yet more pinpoint pressure than they can supply, then a wand massager is ideal to take up the challenge. Wand massagers have helped me to forget the discomfort from my back; almost as much as the clitoral stimulation they generate and the orgasms that they produce in such great abundance.

Sola Sync Wand Massager is the latest addition to my already impressive collection.

It has 10 settings and an optional remote control device.

So, how does Sola Sync stand out from my other wand massagers?

Well, the curved handle not only makes it distinctive but its impressive length makes it perfect for solo massage.  Moreover, Sola Sync Wand Massager is unusually light for this type of toy, which means your arm won’t start aching too soon.

The remote control makes it the perfect choice for some creative couple’s play. I must admit that I didn’t quite see the point of this little extra at first but then I had an idea (which I will divulge below.)

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PACKAGING: Sola Sync is presented in generous packaging that resembles an ornate shoe box. It’s ideal to give as a gift and for storing the toy when not in use. It also contains the remote control, a double-ended USB charging cable, a US mains plug and an anti-bacterial storage pouch.

MATERIAL: Sola Sync is made from extra soft silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricants. Waterproof, so you can enjoy its benefits in the bath, shower or jacuzzi.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Very strong. I was able to climax quite easily even at the lowest settings.

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

USABILITY: Very intuitive controls. A double-ended cable is provided to charge the toy and the remote control simultaneously. A full charge takes an hour and a half; that will provide you with one hour and twenty minutes of pleasure. If you prefer to use it without the remote control, you will find it very instinctive and responsive. There is one button to switch it on and off and a (+) to increase the intensity / change the setting and a (-) to return to the prevous setting. As it’s so straitforward, I did wonder what the point of the remote control would be if I could just reach down and change the setting as I was pleasuring myself. Then, I realised that it might be best to give the control to the person receiving the stimulation while their partner holds the toy and provides the massage. You could lie back and capriciously increase or decrease the vibrations according to your taste. So, it wouldn’t involve giving up the control at all. Not unless you wanted to, of course.

As a clitoral stimulator, it’s highly effective. I love the strong, deep, rumbly motor and the round head. I’ve used it so many times that I’ve lost count. It’s been a wonderful distraction on these hot and sticky summer nights. Even though it makes me sweat even more, it’s always more than  worth it.

As a back massager, it’s extremely useful. This is thanks to its extra-long handle and lightness. When using it with a partner, it’s great for a mutual massage session or even for elaborate foreplay rituals.

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ORGASM-O-BILITY: I simply can’t remember just how many orgasms that Sola Sync has provided. It seems like an awful lot. But, the quality has always been remarkable. And, adding in the superlative massages only increases its value even more. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, round head, cleverly-positioned motor and its satisfying power, it was bound to put a wide smile on my face.

PROS: Ergonomic handle. Waterproof. Intuitive controls. Possibility of use with a remote control. Elegant packaging.

CONS: I honestly can’t think of any.


  • Clitoral stimulation.
  • Solo back massage. Or other pertinent body parts.
  • Mutual massage sessions with a partner, to ease each others aches and pains.
  • Using with a partner during foreplay.

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