Social Pros and Cons of Sex Dolls

Using sex dolls is becoming more and more popular – but if you are associating these products made to improve sex life with poor quality inflatable dolls given as a funny gift for a bachelor party – you have to change your perception. Modern sex dolls have little in common with the rubber ones, available at low prices. The truth is, the low cost goes hand in hand with inferior quality. The future belongs to extremely realistic sex dolls that perfectly meet the customers’ needs. 




Fulfilling sexual fantasies


Sex with a toy allows many people to realize the boldest sexual fantasies that they would not want to propose to their permanent partner. The predominant group of clients is men, who half-jokingly, half-seriously, find that having a doll which will always be ready for sex – is a real treasure.

A sex doll can be designed to the smallest detail – starting with hair and eyes color, ending with the shade of the skin. There is also an opportunity to buy a silicone doll with very specific features, e.g., if you are an anime or video games enthusiast, you can choose one of the elves or anime sex dolls.


Realistic toys make it possible to discover and experience something new; often, something that was never done before. Dolls are available in various sizes to fully meet the expectations of users. 

Sex dolls can be put in any position so that the user can enjoy realistic experiences only.

New models of sex dolls are smooth and nice to touch. This is due to the high-quality materials that were used to make them. The artificial woman from the factory of erotic dreams resembles a real one. 


The choice for those who are shy and always busy


People who do not have contact with others because of obliging work and other, often difficult to circumvent, reasons, choose dolls to spend time with. When someone doesn’t have time for a real relationship, they use such an option and explain that you don’t have to have time to take the doll for a drink or dinner. She is ready to “play” at any time of the day or night, no matter what time you come home.


The company of a sex doll is also a good solution for those who can’t cope with their shyness and have a problem with establishing sexual relations with somebody. For many men, artificial women are not only sex dolls, but life companions.

The reason may also be losing a partner as a result of divorce or simply the breakup of a relationship, as well as disability – in these cases, sexual contact with the doll can bring soothing relief and ease the feeling of isolation.




The price


More and more stores are proposing purchasing a sex doll, but to get a realistic one, made of silicon that resembles a real person, it is often needed to spend a lot of money. It is certainly not an expense that everyone can afford. Moreover, at the stage of customizing the doll to the client’s needs, one can spend extra money on particular accessories, such as storage cases. A lot of users also buy sets of outfits, which also costs money.


Unable to be in a relationship


For some people having a doll is a replacement for an interpersonal relationship with a real person. Every true relationship should be based on intimacy, attachment, and reciprocity. These are things that dolls cannot produce. People who, owning a doll believe that they will not need a partner to think that having sex with a doll will be much more convenient, and they are willing to give up their relationship with a living person. This will allow them to take care only of themselves and to get rid of the fear associated with meeting the expectations of others. After some time, it leads to the inability to enter into deep relationships with anyone. There is a risk that the long-term “relationship” with a toy will transform into deliberate avoidance of people. The availability of sex dolls and sex robots in the future with artificial intelligence is a growing psychological and moral threat to individuals and society.




Sex with the doll ceases to remain only in the sphere of fantasy, as more and more frequently, they land in our bedrooms as our sexual partners. The question is: what will happen to real sex as a result of love and tenderness between two people? In some cases, dolls can be a variety for a relationship and help with a period of sexual stagnation. Still, some people stopped considering those artificial partner substitutes just a bed toy but started to have feelings for them, which can become problematic in the case of psychology and emotions.


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