Sober Dating – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

Sober Dating – My Orgasmic Lifestyle


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus talks about sober dating. She has received a variety of comments about her views on sobriety and lifestyle preferences recently. Someone requested that she should make a video addressing sober dating.


Venus explains that it’s been several years since she drank alcohol. When it comes to dating, she admits that other people’s drinking habits, or lack of them, has a significant influence. Venus cites the example of a friend of hers whose relationship suffered because of social-drinking incompatibility with his girlfriend.

Venus explores the mentality around alcohol and its use as a social tool: ‘The challenge when you’re sober is to not need alcohol for the things you need it for.’ Using Spain and the UK as points of comparison, she identifies significant differences in their cultural approaches and uses of alcohol. It becomes clear why living in Spain suits her best. An anecdote about a bottle-bank illustrates another important point about the financial benefits of sobriety.


She goes on to explain why her healthier lifestyle choices tend to attract those with similar interests and beliefs. She suggests that: ‘moving in social worlds or being in an atmosphere that’s conscious, spiritual, healthy and vegan means that the people you socialise with are sympathetic to sobriety.’ It makes sober dating an organic extension of her life as she lives it. Venus goes on to list the major benefits of adopting a way of life that is: ‘nourishing, not self-destructive.’ 


Venus compares sobriety to conscious eating: ‘The alcohol thing is more important than the vegan thing. Veganism can also be a massive obstacle in dating.’


Sober dating has helped Venus to influence friends and partners to broaden their own horizons and enjoy discovering new things when they are with her. 

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