Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms

Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus replies to another online question: ‘What do your partners say when you have your morning orgasms?’ She thought this was interesting and begins to explain. 

Venus always sleeps alone, so she has no problem having her orgasm in the morning: ‘because there’s no one there, it’s only me.’ Sometimes, in the past when she’s slept (as in sleep) with someone and she couldn’t sleep, she got up and went to the sofa with a vibrator. Venus thinks that masturbation and orgasm is a great insomnia cure. 


But that’s not very often. And it might explain why she doesn’t sleep with other people on a regular basis. She’s found that sleeping with someone is a lot more intimate than sex. She thinks it’s: ‘like having a serious relationship with someone you don’t really know that well.’


Venus finds sleeping in her bed to be: ‘incredibly intimate.’ She doesn’t want to feel the need, or the desire, to share that. Even if it’s someone she really likes. She really needs to: ‘have a haven, her bedroom that’s only a place for her.’ When she lived with someone in the past, she had her own bedroom, paid rent and it meant that in the week they slept in separate bedrooms. But at the weekend, they slept in the same bed. 


In the past, many years ago, Venus used to only have sex on her sofa: ‘to avoid having sex-sweaty smells on my lovely sheets. I wanted to keep my bed a very sacred place. Just for me. Or, maybe someone I’m really in love with.’


Venus believes that sleeping in separate rooms can be very orgasmic. It’s not that she doesn’t like intimacy: ’You can enjoy siestas, naps at the weekend or snuggling. Or even waking up, going round to someone’s house for breakfast and going back to bed again.’ 


So, she’s: ‘trying to enjoy the intimacy without any of the negativity.’ 

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