Slave Duties for Rebellious Subs

Cleaning can be the most valuable of slave duties that can be given out as a punishment. It can be repetitive and demeaning but it always gets something done that a dominatrix would never choose to do herself. The pleasure in watching someone else scrub, polish and tidy is increased by making them wear suitable clothing.

This set was intended to illustrate the “Masters and Slaves” section of my book Love Me Like You Hate Me, so I I made a special point of wearing a collar that reminded me of my slave status in the scenario. It also played against my wild, red hair and glossy, lipsticked pout. I was aware of how fetishistic the heavy, rubber gloves made even my most ordinary movements seem.

Slave Duties Venus O'Hara by Guy Moberly

It was easy to play against the slave image and the the photographer noticed too. I was reminded of his lowly position when he took the photos as I was standing in a bathtub, above him and I felt anything but submissive in his presence. It became total role-play and I indulged myself in the moment at his expense. I’m a cleaning fetishist through and through and I adored this session despite, or because of, my naturally messy nature.

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Photos by Guy Moberly.

5 thoughts on “Slave Duties for Rebellious Subs”

  1. She looks like she’s in a frenzy in these pics. I’m loving the blue rubber gloves, pink top and red lips…and all that mad hair! The collar makes me sweat. Venus is hotter than hot.

  2. She make my meow area ache with her sexy style and black collar. I wish for me to be her girlfriend for to give me slave duties for myself!

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