Sideboob Fetish

According to most celebrity lifestyle magazines the side boob is the new cleavage. There’s nothing like it when it comes to the provocative display of as much bust as possible in front of obliging photographers.

This view of the braless breast, seen from the side, is now big news thanks to the trend for backless dresses, cut-away tops and almost non-existent vests among celebrities. Its surging popularity continues regardless of whether it happens accidentally or deliberately.

Sideboobs – usually seen under loose-fitting clothing – are subtler than a more obvious flash of a deep cleavage. Unlike cleavages, which can be artificially improved by push-up bras, side boobs are honest about the physical charms of their owners and only the pertest breasts can carry off the style successfully.

The real art of the sideboob is to create a great one without showing even a hint of an exposed nipple even though a tiny indication of the outline or shape of one improves the success of the fetish spectacle enormously.

When I saw this top in a shop window I realised, at once, that it was perfect for a side boob photo-shoot. It’s fetish potential was unavoidable so I had to buy it. The preparation I put in prior to the session had to be meticulous but it turned out to be serious fun as well. For instance, I wore a bra up until the first shot was about to be taken so that I’d have some fresh elastic compression lines on my soft white skin to make a contrast with my numerous freckles.

Then, fully aware of the additional fetish value to be exploited from my long red hair, red lipstick and smooth armpits I knew I was ready.

This sweet sideboob was no accident.

Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

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15 thoughts on “Sideboob Fetish”

  1. Wish you were my personal shopper, fashion consultant and stylist…you always look edgy and so good.

  2. Thank you for saving me from another dreary afternoon with the other half and the rellies…seeing your pert young breasts and those side boobs of yours is better than a sloppy sherry trifle served after a charming Sunday roast.

  3. I must confess that if I was kneeling before you and waiting for instructions I would be looking at your side boob.

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