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Should You Have Sex on a First Date?

Should You Have Sex on a First Date?


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus poses the question: ‘Should you have sex on the first night, or not?’ 

She believes that: ‘you should have sex whenever that feels right for you.’ You shouldn’t think about what other people are going to think. 


Venus isn’t personally a fan of having sex on the first date for many, many, reasons. In fact, she can think of more reasons not to have sex on a first night than she can for having sex on the first night. 


Venus likes to get to know someone over a period of time and let the seduction process unravel and build up. That’s not generally something that happens for her in a space of a few hours. 


She’s had situations where she’s ended up in ‘an unravelling’ or having a one night stand. This might include sex with someone that she’s already known and it’s the first night that they have: ”been more than friends.’ 


Another thing that’s also really important for her is personal safety. You really should know just who you might end up going to bed with. 


Venus likes to take things slowly. But not too slowly. You should find out, quite soon, if you’re sexually compatible. Or not. She finds this out the very first time she has sex with someone. She’s also done it the opposite way, which means waiting a long time. 


That can actually be very disappointing. Sometimes you realise that you can’t actually have a relationship with someone who doesn’t give you satisfying sex or who really isn’t working. So, it can depend.


Venus always thinks that that 3 is the magic number. The third date is kind’ve perfect. The first date is to break the ice. The second date is confirmation that you’re interested, with a little bit of flirting. And the third? ‘Bingo!’ You’ll see if there’s a fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.


Of course, every situation is unique and sometimes you can be surprised.


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  1. I think one night stands are fine where you have maybe both chatted to feel comfortable or flirted with body language. If you are in a relationship then keep to the rules. Ours are it has to be one time only and NO contact afterwards. Never again with that person.

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