Shoe Dangling Fetish

Shoe Dangling Fetish photos by Mr Tickle BCN

Shoe Dangling Fetish

I remember watching a comedy sketch on British TV years ago. It was a parody of ‘Crash’ – a controversial film starring James Spader. It had already been banned in several regions.
The parody featured an old woman attempting to park her 3 wheeler into a very small space. Back and forth she went, bumping the car in front and banging into the one behind. There was a man standing behind a wall, observing her and pleasuring himself as she did so. Finally, when the woman crashed into the car behind her for the final time, the voyeur climaxed.

If anyone else remembers this clip, or knows where to find it, please let me know.I do wonder if this scenario dramatises the thrill that shoe dangling fetishists experience when a woman dangles her high heel shoes. If her balancing ability isn’t up to scratch, and the shoe falls to the ground suddenly and unintentionally, is it a turn on? Perhaps it’s the anticipation of the shoe dropping, and not the event itself, that causes so much arousal? It might be the same for an extreme sports spectator, sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting for the inevitable to happen while hoping that it doesn’t.

The Voyeur Part 1 - Shoe Dangling Fetish-0033

For the dangler, it’s a great work-out for the ankles and can be an entertaining way to pass the time beneath a desk. To have the maximum erotic value, however, it needs to be done while wearing slip-on high heel shoes. Other considerations can be included. Choosing open toes, to flaunt toe cleavage, is an option. If you want to perform high- risk dangling, please bear in mind that you only have one toe to rely on; usually the big one. ‘Safe’ dangling permits you to have four toes inside the shoe. The way you manoeuvre your foot, during the dangle, is also of vital importance. You have to encourage the shoe to move without making it drop prematurely.

Shoe dangling can appeal to shoe fetishists, foot fetishists or both at the same time.

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