My Orgasmic Independence

My Orgasmic Independence – Erotic Story


I remember a time when I had just broken up with someone who was one of the best lovers I’d ever had. Sex was always explosive with him. I felt things that I hadn’t felt with anyone else. Unfortunately, our arguments were also explosive to the point where I felt so conflicted. I suffered the dilemma of knowing that in my heart and in my head, for various reasons, we had no future. However, my body had other ideas. 


I had to find a solution.


My roommate at the time suggested I buy a vibrator and offered to accompany me to a sex shop. Until then, I confess that I had not mastered the art of masturbation. I had tried many times without success because, in the end, it was more frustrating than satisfying. I could not overcome the desire to feel the hands of a real person all over my body. A person that wasn’t me. Despite this, I realised that it was time to learn to be self-sufficient as far as my pleasure was concerned.


Even before entering the shop, we decided to buy the famous rabbit vibrator as seen in ‘Sex and the City’. We had read so many good reviews about it that we were convinced that it must be mindblowing.  There were several models, and we asked the sales assistant for her opinion because we were clueless. We both bought the same model, but in different colours to avoid confusion. Then, when we got home, we went into our respective bedrooms to try them out right away.


Despite my efforts, I couldn’t achieve an orgasm. After a good half an hour of frustration, I decided to give up and I went to the lounge and turned the TV on and waited for my roommate. I was a little concerned when she stayed in her room for hours. When she finally emerged from her room, with dishevelled hair and a spaced-out expression on her face I didn’t know what to think. “Isn’t it amazing?” she said as if she was in a trance. I couldn’t deny that I was extremely envious and I even wondered if I was doing something wrong… 


I tried several more times, but it wasn’t until a Sunday morning months later that I reaped the benefits of my investment. I was with a new partner, and he wanted to see me use the rabbit, and I thought it would be an interesting experience to use it in front of someone. This time, something unique happened. The combination of his penetrating gaze with the vibrations against my clitoris provoked an unexpected effect. 


There I was lying down, and suddenly I felt an orgasm that completely took me by surprise. As I felt the first spasm, I suddenly couldn’t handle the intensity of the vibrator and I had to switch it off for a moment. I sighed for a second before turning it back on and letting my body enjoy it to the fullest. My whole pelvis bounced up and down rhythmically in response to the intense spasms I was feeling. I moaned in shock and pleasure. Wow!  I could not believe that I had made this happen.  I had experienced many orgasms in my life, but that one was extra special. Until then, they had all been at the hands of other people, and I had never experienced independent orgasms before.


I can’t deny that this discovery has changed my real relationships a lot. Fortunately, ever since I discovered sex toys I’ve been able to make much better decisions and choices as far as my personal life is concerned. 


Even though it took a while for me to master the art of masturbation I’m so glad I persevered.  

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