Sex Blogger Sacrifices

Sex blogger Sacrifices

I like to imagine that I’ve got the best job in the world and I probably have. It has been 7 years since I established my website. Now I work full-time as a sex blogger. My job has several obvious advantages: free sex toys, complimentary lingerie and most importantly, no alarm-clock in the morning. When I am at a party with other professionals and it is my turn to explain what I do, I always end up impressing them by having the coolest job of anyone by far. It does not really matter that it is not the most well paid.

Being a sex blogger means I can utilise all of my skills. They include languages. I speak and write in English and Spanish. My job also requires creativity and marketing skills.  Finally,  an interest in politics; I have the energy and enthusiasm to want to change the world, one orgasm at a time.

It has not been easy for me to get to this point, however. During the first five years, for example, I had no opportunity to have any sort of holiday whatsoever. And, I often work seven-day weeks. But, those sacrifices are easy when I compare them to coping with those people who misunderstand what I do and judge me for it.

Sex blogging has had a profound effect on my personal life but it has been all positive. When it comes to family and friends, it is not unknown for some of them to talk about me as if I were connected to the ‘sex industry’ in some way. The prudish way they act sometimes makes it seem as though my business is the most scandalous thing in the world. This seems odd, when in fact I’m doing my very best to promote positive values like safe sex, female orgasms and a positive and natural body image. 

I have also discovered that my profession makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. My professional persona has made me look at sex in a different light. Nowadays, I have sex less often than before. It has become increasingly difficult and more demanding to meet someone. I find that men in particular find my job intimidating. And in some circles I am unable to explain what I do just in case I give someone a heat attack. .

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There are some people who choose to publish their sex blog anonymously. I can understand how this makes things easier for them to some degree. But the fact that I am showing my face all the time means I am not ashamed of what I do. I do not really care what people think of me. Being a full-time sex blogger acts as a filter so that I can see who is really supportive and authentic in my private life.

Many people can get the wrong impression about me and presume that I am promiscuous or that I am even into extreme sexual lifestyle choices. There would not be anything wrong with that, even if I was. Anyone who believes that what I do is remotely “pornographic” just demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of my job. 

Sex blogging has made me very demanding about my own sex life. I want to have either amazing sex or dreadful sex. In either case it will give me something that is interesting enough to write about after the fact. Please, just don’t give me mediocre run-of-the-mill sex. In that case I think I would prefer to use one of my 300+ sex toys instead.

Despite all the sacrifices that I have made for my job, I would not have it any other way.

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  1. Pienso que no tiene que ser fácil escribir un blog de sexo. La forma en que lo haces me parece muy profesional e interesante. Siempre,por desgracia, hay gente que juzga y va de liberal. Una pena.
    Respecto a tu vida sexual…es complicada, ya veo. No deberías ser tan exigente. Piensa que la otra persona, yo al menos, siempre intenta dar lo mejor de sí misma. Si no te satisface lo que hace o cómo lo hace lo mejor sería que le dijeras que quieres o le enseñes, podría ser divertido y considerado por tu parte.
    Anyway,sigue con tu magnífico blog y diviértete, que es lo más importante, y comparte tus experiencias y ten buen sexo. Cómo tú dices, servirá para tu próximo post y te relajará.
    Hasta pronto guapa pelirroja, besos y cuídate.

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