Sex Before Dinner

Sex Before Dinner by Venus O’Hara

Sex Before Dinner

“Let’s meet for dinner at my place,” I wrote in a text message to a guy I was seeing. I was in an Irish airport at the crack of dawn waiting for an early flight back to Spain. I was absolutely exhausted after only sleeping for a couple of hours the night before but when I thought about reconnecting with my then-lover, I suddenly felt mentally and physically energised. I had been travelling for work and I was really looking forward to getting home and reconnecting with him. 

When I arrived at my apartment, however, my excitement and adrenaline had faded big time. All I wanted to do was go to bed to make up for the sleep I had missed out on the night before. What was supposed to be a quick nap ended up being an all-day sleep. All my good intentions to go shopping and fill my empty fridge with nutritious food and prepare a romantic homemade meal for two went out the window. 

When I finally woke up, it was too late to go shopping. I only had half an hour to prepare for the arrival of my lover. Instead of thinking about what we were supposed to eat, I focused on getting myself ready. I jumped in the shower, shaved my legs and smothered coconut oil all over my naked body. I wore a kimono with nothing underneath and applied some light natural makeup, not too much given that I knew I’d be sweating with sexual passion in no time at all. 

As soon as I heard the doorbell, I felt a surge of excitement all over my body. My heart was racing in anticipation of our imminent reunion.  As soon as we saw each other, we hugged and started kissing passionately without even saying ‘hello’. When he pushed the door shut behind him, he opened my kimono and removed it with haste, leaving it on the hallway floor. This demonstration of passion let me know that he had missed me just as much as I had missed him. 

We went straight to the bedroom where I removed his clothes and thus our sexual marathon began. We devoured each other’s bodies with fervent passion in order to satisfy our sexual hunger before indulging in an express kama sutra all over my bedroom. On the bed, on the floor against the wall and even on my desk. Once we were sexually satiated, we lay on my bed getting our breath back after our shared orgasms, and the hunger for food kicked in big time. 

‘So what are we eating?’ He asked. 

‘I’m so sorry, I haven’t prepared anything,’ I apologised. ‘But don’t worry, we can order a delivery instead. How about pizza?’ 

He nodded and I got up on my knees and reached down for my phone which had fallen to the floor. I was on all fours on top of the bed, going through a food delivery app, perusing the pizzas on offer when I suddenly felt his tongue tip on my anus which took me by complete surprise. I thought it was amusing as I was feeling the tip of his tongue, I was looking at pizzas on the screen, imagining how the cheese would melt on my own tongue. 

Needless to say, it was difficult to concentrate but in the end, this made me order faster than I normally would because I just wanted to enjoy the sensation of his tongue flicking against my delicate parts. 

When the food arrived half an hour later, the only thing that mattered to me was satisfying my hunger. I grabbed the pizza with both hands and devoured it as if my life depended on it, moaning to express my pleasure as I chewed. I licked my fingers, trying to savour absolutely everything as my body entered a state of complete satisfaction. 

Thanks to this situation, I discovered that the best thing about having sex first and eating dinner after is that everything tasted so much better this way.

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