See Through Venus O'Hara by Yuky

See Through Clothing Fetish – Venus O’Hara

See-through clothing is any garment made with lace, mesh or sheer material that allows the wearer’s body or underwear-if any-to be seen clearly through its fabric.

Before the 1980s, this type of clothing was still a taboo, even in the most popular celebrity and fashion forums. The trend changed in the late 80s as a result of the powerful influence of top-rated television soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty. In the 1990s knickers and bras became extremely brief, almost non-existent. Finally, although still seen as controversial, see-through materials have been featured heavily in catwalk fashion collections since 2006.

See Through Venus O'Hara by Yuky

In this set I explored the potential of a transparent black dress to reveal and conceal at the same time. The fabric stretched and gathered across my body in tight, but sheer, folds and, although I felt dressed, under the lights I knew my naked breasts and nipples were always on show and that my straightened red hair shone brightly.

The effect of the thong was even better than I anticipated, it was hardly there and was more teasing when seen through the dress than if I had been naked.I felt the sheer material clinging to my legs and, with the high-heels, it only made them appear longer and more elegant than ever.

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Photos by Yuky.


6 thoughts on “See Through Clothing Fetish – Venus O’Hara”

  1. ¡Que transparencias tan sexys Venus que pechos tan bonitos y pequeños y tus nalgas son tan bonitas estas realmente preciosa!

  2. Where other fetish models are like donkeys in a mean field…Venus, you are a thoroughbred. Prancing. Posing. Shining and stunning. I’ve never seen legs as good as this and your breasts are awesome!

  3. Hughcumbah_woo

    You have learned me to love red haired girls with white skins. I see you and think of nothing to do with no other womans but you. No one else as beautiful as Venus O’Hara. No lies.

  4. Softsausage43

    Venus, the way you tease me with your amazing body is genius! You hide as much as you reveal-soft outlines and succulent structures…I’d sell my kidney just fall between your ankles.

  5. ¡Que bonito es tu cuerpoco esas con esas transparencias como me gustaria desnudarte con mis manos

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