Seductive Soles (Foot Fetish)

Photos: Lourdes Ribas 

I’m still discovering the world of foot fetishism and I’m doing my best to cater to my foot fetish fans by taking pictures that I hope they will like. It’s quite hard to please all of them though. The thing I’m finding is that there is no such thing as a typical foot fetishist. If I take pictures of my feet with painted nails then, sure enough, I receive requests for unpainted ones shortly after. It’s impossible to keep all the foot fetishists happy all of the time, it seems.


I decided to shoot a foot fetish set that would appeal to fans of the soles of my feet in particular. It seemed such a straightforward task at first. The fact that I could recline on a comfortable sofa, with my legs raised, just to flaunt my soles was the main thing that appealed. It turned out to be far more challenging than it looks in the pictures. Sometimes, it takes a lot of hard work to give the impression of being lazy.


I hadn’t anticipated the preparation that the photo-shoot required and it came as a surprise. I had to take the time to use an expensive scrub and moisturiser to guarantee the condition and appearance of my feet. Foot fetishists will appreciate that I had to insist on a careful pedicure as well. I made the mistake of getting up from the sofa and walking a few steps on the parquet floor. Suddenly, the soles of my feet weren’t just dirty; they were absolutely filthy.


Although I understand that some foot fetishists get off on that little kink, this set wasn’t the time or the place. In any event, I have some speciality dirty-sole pictures in my MEMBERS AREA if anyone’s curiosity proves too much to bear.


For this set though, I had to rely upon a steady supply of wet-wipes to guarantee that the soles of my feet were clean, smooth and seductive at all times.

The full set can be seen in myMEMBERS AREA pink_button

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