Seductive Pleasure Box – Sex Toy Review by Venus O’Hara

After publishing literally hundreds of articles and videos about sexuality over the years, as you may imagine, sometimes I run out of ideas. This doesn’t happen too often, thank God. In fact, I consider myself to be an ‘idea factory’ most of the time. But there are times when having the idea represents more work than actually producing the video or writing the article itself. That’s why I love it when my followers write to me with questions and suggestions for future videos. It’s like they are doing my work for me somehow.


Something similar occurs with subscription-based boxes of sex toys. You can let someone else choose your orgasmic goodies for you, enjoy them for a month and then the following month, be prepared to be surprised again. Another advantage is that the cost of the box is usually more affordable than buying the contents individually.




It’s no secret that to keep the spark alive in a long term relationship, you actually have to keep working at it. Despite many good intentions, many couples fall into a rut where their sex lives are concerned. And for singles, even masturbation with the same toy/technique and the same fantasy can become monotonous if you don’t spice it up somehow.


I’d heard of subscription-based monthly boxes before, but this is the first time I’m actually reviewing one for myself. 


Seductive Pleasure Box is a monthly subscription service of boxes with orgasmic goodies. There are boxes for couples, (girl-boy, boy-boy and girl-girl) as well as boxes for singles (girl or boy). 




 I was sent a couples boy-girl box to enjoy with ‘Mars’ O’Hara. We were thrilled to open it and discover its contents and of course, use them together. 


The first product we tried was a silicone massage glove. It is ideal for male or female hands, left or right-handed people. The tentacles provide the most relaxing sensation ever. Especially when brushed lightly against the skin. For more intense experiences, it could be used as part of a tickling session or even for masturbation. It comes with a small tube of water-based lubricant but we preferred using it without. 




The next product we used was the Narcissist massage oil. I’m very demanding when it comes to products I use on my skin as I’m a purist and I hate nasties. I was pleased to find out that this oil only contained 3 ingredients: avocado oil, olive oil and fragrance. It smelt absolutely amazing, it absorbed well and a small amount certainly goes a long way. 




Then there was the glass dildo. It is presented in another hard box and it is beautifully textured and curved, for G spot stimulation. Mars O’Hara is a little intimidated but phallic toys, but I tried to put him at ease and educate him. After all, dildos are not only used for penetration, glass ones especially can be used totally externally for temperature play. You can put it in a warm drink or a cold one and then trace it all over your partner’s body. The cold option is pretty fantastic during this heatwave we are now experiencing here in Spain. 





There was also some Mint and Bush spray made from organic ingredients to freshen up one’s lady parts. The ingredients were natural and organic and it smelt amazing, it must be noted, however, that such products are for external use only. 




Last but not least, there was the bone gag. I must admit that I’m no longer into BDSM ever since I have been through a spiritual awakening. Despite this, I still can appreciate the sensual side of fetish play and as far as gags are concerned, this one is pretty good. I found in my previous fetish life that many ball gags were just too big. This one is a lot more manageable and comfortable to wear. It can also be used as a bondage accessory to tie the wrists or the ankles together. 




All in all, I was very impressed with the concept of receiving a box of toys every month. The main motivation for me would be the surprise element. Not knowing what’s coming next can be very intriguing and exciting. 


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