Seducing in Sweatpants – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara


I love wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Not only because they are super comfortable to wear, but also because it is the ideal garment to seduce in. I realise that most people would disagree with this, but I will explain.  I also like dressing this way because this outfit makes my boobs look bigger and my derriere looks rounder, but most importantly, I can take them off in a flash. 


Years ago, I used to go on blind dates in sweatpants and after sending a lot of sexy selfies beforehand, my dates often wondered if I was really the same girl… Wearing a mini-skirt and a low-cut top to go out with a guy would look like there was a big effort involved. In contrast, if I wear a hoodie, sweatpants and no makeup, I seem indifferent and I think it gives me an air of mystery.  Besides, if anything happens, it seems much more surprising and unexpected. 


Now that it’s cold, I’m so happy that I can take my beloved sweatpants and hoodies out of the closet again. A few weeks ago on a Friday, I was reflecting on my sexual drought and I suddenly decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought about the possible candidates who could resolve my sexless situation. 


One came to mind and it just so happened that we had arranged to have dinner that night at my house. I knew that he liked me but I had already friend-zoned him on several occasions. He wasn’t my type, but now that I was in need of sex, he started to seem much more appealing to me.  I started entertaining the idea of seducing him with sweatpants. After taking a shower, a friend called me to ask what my plans were for the night. “I’m going to shag a journalist,” I said, referring to my friend. “And does he know?” she asked me. “Not yet,” I replied with a smile as I thought about my secret seduction plan.


After hanging up, I continued with the preparation and put coconut oil all over my body, mismatched lingerie, an old hoodie and sweatpants. I went without makeup and put my hair up in a messy bun. To complete the look, I put on a pair of slippers that were literally falling apart. It seemed like I hadn’t made any effort when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, what I like most about sweatpants and hoodies is that they are very deceiving.


During dinner, we caught up on life and inevitably we ended up talking about sex. It was while we were talking about sex toys and orgasms that I decided to show him my new vibrator and he was very curious to discover exactly how it worked. I placed it between my thighs, over my sweatpants and started squirming against it as I explained its functionality. Even though I didn’t need to switch the toy on, one thing led to another and my sweatpants quickly fell to the floor and we ended up having sex on the couch. 


My body finally got the attention it deserved after months of celibacy. The sexual cobwebs between my thighs were removed at last. I felt huge satisfaction when it was over. And not just because of the multiple orgasms he gave me, but especially because my plan to seduce in sweatpants had worked incredibly well, to the point where it even exceeded my expectations. 

 “I didn’t expect to shag you tonight,” he confessed to me afterwards, as he caught his breath. “What about you?” he asked me. “Me neither,” I lied.

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