Secret Affair – Satisfyer – Sex Toy Review

After reviewing hundreds of sex toys, I usually don’t feel the need to check the instructions before testing a toy, unless it has some sophisticated novel feature. I thought that Secret Affair from Satisfyer was a standard vibrator, but I was wrong. It was actually a lot more sophisticated than I could ever have imagined. 


When I went on holiday last month to do a walking pilgrimage, I took two sex toys with me: Secret Affair and Love Triangle, both from Satisfyer. They were both small and discreet and I was convinced that they would be perfect. I took one cable with me, as the Satisfyer cables work for all of their toys. Another great reason to travel with toys from the same brand. 


I enjoyed some wonderful orgasms with Love Triangle, see my review here. But when it came to Secret Affair, I couldn’t work out how to use it. Where was the button? I wish I had read taken the time to read the instruction guide before I left. 

I held it in my hand feeling frustrated and horny. I couldn’t wait to eventually try it when I got back. 


When I checked, I learned that all I had to do was remove the lid and twist the silicone shaft to turn it on. Needless to say, I made up for lost time and I have used Secret Affair since I got back from my holiday. 


It is a very sophisticated clitoral stimulator that looks very elegant. It is bigger than your standard bullet vibrator and you can use the tip to provide direct stimulation or you can use it on its side to provide indirect stimulation. 


PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard box that has a hygiene seal. It also contains a magnetic charging cable, a multilingual user guide, some safety information and some guarantee information. Interestingly, the guarantee lasts for 15 years. 

MATERIAL: It is made of ABS and silicone. You can enjoy a hard surface (ABS) or a soft one (silicone) according to your preference. It is compatible with water-based lubricant. It is also waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Nice and strong. Deep and rumbly. 


NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous.


USABILITY: Once I had figured out the ‘secret’, it was very intuitive to use. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and that will provide you with up to 60 minutes of pleasure. To switch it on, remove the lid and twist the silicone shaft until the LED ring appears. Then press the ring light to activate the vibrations. Short press the button to go through the 16 different pleasure patterns. Twist is again to switch it off completely. You can enjoy it with the lid on or off. You can enjoy the hard surface of the lid or a softer surface of the silicone. 

This button system makes secret affair the perfect travel companion, as it won’t randomly vibrate in your luggage. I only wish I had read the instructions before my holiday. 


The shape is ideal for direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. You can also use it to massage other body parts such as the neck or lower back. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I loved it. It’s such a pity I couldn’t enjoy orgasms like these during my recent holiday. Next time. 


PROS: Original button. Sophisticated design. Excellent value for money. Cannot be switched on accidentally. Soft or hard surface. Strong motors. Waterproof. 


CONS: The button control, although highly original, was not intuitive at first. 



  • Demanding women with limited budgets. 
  • Your perfect travel toy. 
  • Massaging other parts of your body. 
  • Direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. 


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