Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

The first time I had sex was a disaster. 


It was over almost as soon as it had begun. This was because the guy, my first boyfriend, ejaculated on the first thrust. I was lying there in a state of: ‘Is that it?’


As an optimist, I was happy about this because I had heard so many terrible things about the first time from friends. They said it hurt and that some even bled. For this reason, I was glad that it was over and done with. It could only, get better, right? 


The great thing about this was that the second time we had sex, I was relaxed and I was in a very optimistic state of mind.   


It was Valentine’s Day and we went to a hotel to spend the afternoon having sex because we both lived with our parents. Just after checking in and checking out our room, my then-boyfriend handed me an envelope and he told me to open it in the bathroom.  I did as he asked and needless to say I was intrigued to discover what was inside. 


Once I opened it, I found a homemade card with a handwritten poem and a love declaration. I was lost for words, wow, he said he loved me… 


This was the most incredible Valentine’s Day gift that I could ever have imagined. This guy had been the objective of my desires for such a long time and now he was my boyfriend. Not only that, but he was also my first lover. I was overwhelmed with joy but lost for words and after a while I emerged from the bathroom, I was shy and awkward, not knowing how to react.  I didn’t know how to express how I felt even though I was deeply in love with him. I was too shy. 


After a few moments of awkwardness, we were kissing and our clothes were falling to the floor. It was still a new sensation for me to be naked in front of someone else and to see a naked man. He was actually the first naked man I’d ever seen and to me he was perfect. His body was perfect and I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. I wasn’t thinking about physical pleasure at that time, I was just thinking about the emotional connection I wanted to be as close to him as physically and emotionally possible.


When we were both naked, we lay on the bed and he put a condom on his erect penis and then slowly proceeded to enter me missionary style. I breathed deeply as I felt him penetrate me and stretch my vaginal walls. This was such a new sensation. I’d never felt anything like it and I was totally unprepared for how it felt when he was totally inside. I just felt intense ecstatic joy. It was indescribable so I just moaned and moaned and moaned. It was like one big never-ending orgasm. When I felt him deep inside me, it provoked something in my lower abdomen like butterflies and my whole body was tingling with goosebumps and pure bliss. 


We spent the whole afternoon having sex in the hotel room until it was dark outside and it was time for us both to go home. I was in a daze, not quite believing what I had experienced. My boyfriend declared his love for me and I had discovered my love for sex. 


After a disastrous first time, this was certainly a case of second time lucky.

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