Searching for a Sole-Mate

My soles hare the most sensitive part of my feet by far. They also represent the area that receives the most attention from my foot fans. If I were to accept each and every one of their offers to lick and suck my soles I know for certain that when I tried to stand up, the volume of saliva would send me sliding across the floor.

That knowledge has altered my perception of my feet forever. The way we see ourselves is sometimes so different to the way that others see us. I took my soles for granted; they were something that I walked on, that was all. I would never have thought of licking them myself.

It has been a year since I began to pay serious attention to my foot fetish followers and in that time I have begun to understand what it is that they need from me in the way of content. I have been producing a varied menu of fetish delights for them. These have included pictures of my dirty feet, using my inner arches to tease them with  fourth hole formations, painted nails, tickling and more.

sole-mate foot fetish 18

I have to admit that I was delighted to discover that my soles, arches and toes have found their place on Wikifeet. To see myself featured on that forum, dedicated to famous feet, was no small thing. Despite this avid attention from others, when I look down at my feet they still look the same to me. I would not claim to possess the world’s prettiest pair. What I would say, however, is that I now appreciate the fetishistic potential that they embody. As such, I enjoy playing with their look, experimenting with different camera angles and trying different positions. I want to provoke my foot fetish fans with images that are playful to me and arousing for them.

sole-mate foot fetish 7

Beyond the constant virtual attention that my feet are getting these days, in the real world I like nothing better these days than to be the recipient of tactile worship from a dedicated sole-mate. I want to feel the attentions of fingertips brushing and rubbing my soles. I need the urgent application of an eager and experienced tongue licking them from top to bottom. My soles crave the wicked frisson of aromatic oils worked into their responsive surfaces. Above all, I demand that one of my defenceless ankles is held fast while that sole endures the sweet torment of a stubbled chin tickling it expertly.

sole-mate foot fetish 23

I can hear my moans in my mind as I type this and I am distracted just imagining my next session. Of course, sole-play and foot worship can be a fun addition to foreplay. But I honestly prefer it when it is not just a prelude to conventional sex. I want it to be all about me, my needs, my feet and not mutually orgasm-centred.

sole-mate foot fetish 11

My ideal sole-mate is someone who doesn’t need sex or even want it. My soles should be the focus; the beginning, middle and end. If I am completely honest, my real preference after a sole-worship session is for my worshipper to leave when I say so that I can masturbate in peace.

By that stage, one orgasm is sadly insufficient to satisfy me so I just carry on with my most effective fantasies kept solely to myself.

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