Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Sex Toy Review

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Satisfyer Pro Penguin – Sex Toy Review

I was so thrilled to receive a Satisfyer Pro Penguin last month. I got my hands on it at Erofame in Hanover, Germany. I was very curious to see how the Pro Penguin  compared after trying the Womanizer W100, the Womanizer Pro and the Satisfyer Pro Plus. These are all suction devices and they work on the principle that the clitoris can be stimulated without the need for actually touching it. They have proven to be highly popular around the world and many women report experiencing intense and rapid orgasms with them.

For me, however, I find that the sensation produced by a suction device is a little too intense to be enjoyed on a regular basis despite being extremely pleasant. The reason for my partial reluctance is my shy clitoris. I have described this already, in greater detail, in my Womanizer review. Basically, that particular device was not entirely compatible with my anatomy and I required a nozzle attachment that was wider than the one already supplied.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin’s nozzle is wider than the other suction devices that I have tried so I was even more intrigued by its potential. It is easier to hold in your hand because it is smaller and rounder. Another factor to consider is that it’s cost is much lower than its competitors.

It has 11 different intensity settings, is waterproof and is rechargeable via USB cable.


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Material:  Silicon which is compatible with water-based lubricant.

Usability: It is easy to use. I charged it first, then removed the nozzle for cleaning. You can even clean it with a Q-tip if you are especially meticulous. As the device is waterproof, you can use it in the bath or the shower. The first thing you need to do is to separate your labia before placing the nozzle on top of your clitoris. Then, switch the device on and increase the intensity according to your tastes. It is important to keep the toy still during stimulation. Then, afterwards, make sure that you switch it off before removing it from the area.

Noise:  When you switch it on, it seems very loud. Once it has been put in place, however, it does not make much noise at all. Even so, I would not recommend this for someone who is looking for a discreet toy.

Strength of vibration: This is not a vibrator but it is very strong nonetheless.

Orgasm-o-bility: It is amazing and I was very satisfied. It was not as aggressive in its effect as the Womanizer. I was able to control when I came, whereas the Womanizer made me feel as if I was being mugged for an orgasm.

Pros:  Excellent value for money.  Ergonomic shape. Intense orgasms. USB rechargeable.  Waterproof.

Cons:  It is quite noisy.

Ideal for:

  • Demanding women.
  • Effective clitoral stimulation.
  • Equally effective for stimulating the nipples.
  • An original Christmas gift.

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Check out my video review of The Sex Toy Laboratory. Enjoy!

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