Double Joy

Satisfyer Double Joy Review

Some call them C-shaped vibrators. Others call them U-shaped vibrators. I guess it depends on which way up you are looking at it. 


This type of sex toy was first designed with the intention of providing clitoral stimulation to the female partner during penetration. Given that most women require clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm and that penetration rarely provides this, as a result, most women are unable to reach climax through sexual intercourse. In theory, it’s a nice idea to use a toy that provides this purpose, but in practice, it is often very, very disappointing. Firstly, it is mega painful and the male partner cannot thrust freely when there is already a toy inside the vagina… 

Double Joy

Despite this, C shape vibes are not totally useless. In fact, they are very orgasmic and versatile. Just not in the way they were originally intended. 


Let me explain. 


They are wonderful for using solo for dual stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot. Especially for women who do not wish to insert a huge schlong. They are also ideal for using as a stroker on a penis. 


Double Joy is compatible with the new Satisfyer App, so even if you don’t use it with a partner during penetration, you can still enjoy it with a partner long distance and let them take control of your device. 


If you do wish to use Double Joy during penetration, I would recommend using lots of lubricant, and inserting the toy and getting used to it before adding a hard penis to the mix. Then, the male partner should go slow and go for a grinding motion as opposed to thrusting. If he is very well-endowed it might be too much. All in all, go slow and be gentle. 

Double Joy

PACKAGING: Double Joy is presented in a hard box that is ideal for offering as a gift. It also has a hygiene seal. The package contains a magnetic USB charging cable, a multilingual user manual, safety information and guarantee information. The new Satisfyer products all have a 15-year guarantee. 


MATERIAL: Double Joy is made of ABS and silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant and it is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower, with or without a partner. Well, they could also be controlling your device long-distance… 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From moderate to strong. 


NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. 

Double Joy

USABILITY: I would recommend inserting the toy before switching it on. There are 10 preset patterns if you use it manually, but I would recommend using the app as it allows you to control each motor individually. 


I personally LOVE controlling the 2 motors individually and independently when using the app. For example, something I highly recommend is enjoying a wave or pulsation pattern for the internal stimulation and a constant vibration on the clitoris. 


The app allows you to create, save and download different pleasure programmes. You can even create sequences that are several programmes together over a specific timeframe. For example, you could start off with gentle, patterned programmes and then build up to a stronger more continuous vibration as you approach orgasm. 


You can also have the toy respond to your favourite Spotify playlists. I have created a playlist of 30 of the hottest songs of all time which you can find on the Satisfyer Spotify account. 


You can also use it with the Apple Watch.

Double Joy

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I must confess that I underestimated this product. I thought it was just another C-shaped vibrator, but it totally exceeded my expectations. It is more powerful than the partner Satisfyer toys that I reviewed in 2019 and the shape is much more ergonomic. 


PROS: Versatile. Compatible with the Satisfyer app. Excellent value for money. Silent. Ergonomic. Waterproof. 


CONS: I cannot think of any… Only that I don’t recommend these products for penetration. 




  • Dual stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot. 
  • Using as a stroker on a penis. 
  • Long-distance lovers. 
  • Using during penetration – if you dare to. 


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More info in my video review below:

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