Satisfyer Balls Review – Orgasm Training

The Universe might not always give you what you want. But it will give you what you need.

When I saw that these Satisfyer Balls were next in my ‘incoming sex toys for review’ box, I was thrilled. They were just what I needed.

I have a confession to make. I occasionally suffer from a weak bladder. Especially at night time. When I lie down in my unmade bed, I feel as though I have to pee several times before I can fully relax and sleep. During the day, I have no problem at all with bladder control. It’s just during the night when I should be sleeping. I knew that working on my pelvic floor was going to be highly beneficial, as it makes me feel as though I have emptied my bladder more efficiently.

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My bladder, kidneys and inherent anxiety have been my cross to bear for most of my life. I recently bumped into an older neighbour of mine who told me that she has had to have a medical intervention in order to resolve her ongoing incontinence issues. Talking to her was like a wake-up call for me. I don’t want that to happen to me. Prevention is better than cure, as they say. So before it gets to that stage, I want to work my pelvic floor muscles and make my incontinence woes a thing of the past.

This set of balls form Satisfyer is a progressive set of kegel balls for all levels and needs. It consists of three weighted balls.

They are 12.6 cm / 5 inches long and the width is 3.8 cm.

Blue ball: 61.9 g or 2.18 oz

Pink ball: 82,1 g or 2.89 oz

Red ball: 97.9 g or 3.45 oz

They are presented in a simple box with an illustrated instructions leaflet with tips on how to do some ‘orgasm training’ i.e. different exercises you can do while you wear the kegel balls.

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MATERIAL: Silicone and stainless steel. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

USABILITY: Use a little water-based lubricant to insert them. Start with the lightest one, and wear it for approximately 15 minutes. You can go through the suggested ‘orgasm training’ exercises on the leaflet. Alternatively, you could wear them while you perform some domestic duties. This is purely because you need to be standing up in order to allow gravity to do its thing. If you feel strong enough, you could go outside for a walk. But, before you venture outside, make sure it’s a weight that you can handle. You don’t want them to slip down all of a sudden and have to start walking like a penguin… I’m speaking from experience!

I tested the first ball a week ago and went for a leisurely beach stroll. I was able to handle the weight no problem. In fact, it was so comfortable that I almost forgot about it.

The second one seemed to be challenging at first. I had to re-position it in the right place at the beginning of the exercise, but then it was fine. I was convinced that the final ball was going to be difficult, but I impressed myself so much with my own strength. I did some washing up and had a dance to one of my favourite songs in my kitchen while I was wearing it. I think I’m definitely going to repeat it in order to get the strong pelvic floor muscles that I desire and deserve.

satisfyer, kegel balls, orgasm training, love balls, satisfyer sex toy reviews, budget sex toys, venusohara, venus o'hara,

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I didn’t have an orgasm with these balls, but the idea is that if you have a strong pelvic floor, you will experience more pleasure during penetration. You will also have a tighter grip of your partner’s penis. A strong pelvic floor also means more intense orgasms as well as incontinence prevention.

PROS: A progressive set of kegel balls for all levels. Easy to insert. Excellent value for money.

CONS: There is no storage pouch included.


  • Orgasm training.
  • increasing your (and his) pleasure during penetration.
  • Incontinence prevention.

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