Saludbox Amore – Chewing Gum to Improve your Sex Life

Saludbox Amore – Chewing Gum to Improve your Sex Life

Did I really need anything else to help get my juices flowing? I pondered this more fully when I discovered Saludbox Amore. This supplement, in the form of a chewing gum, is said to improve your sex life.

When it comes to increasing and improving the yield of my juices, it’s unlikely that there is much room for improvement. My homemade Venusian nectar has always been somewhat overabundant. In actual fact, my libido could sometimes benefit with being turned down a notch or two, if only to keep me grounded. Fortunately, being a sex toy tester, I’m in the privileged position of having a good job which has garnered me more than four hundred different pleasure objects to choose from when I need to satisfy my immediate desires.

As an individual who relies upon a plant-based diet, it goes without saying that I’m extremely passionate about healthy living. It helps that I work from home, so I have time to prepare the ingredients required for elaborate juices, salads and raw recipes. I would usually consume between 10-15 portions of fresh fruit/vegetables every day. So, the thought of taking food supplements on top of that is pretty much an alien concept to me. Not everyone enjoys the same work/life flexibility that I do, however. For those people, a supplement can be very helpful indeed. My periods happen to be pain-free and I don’t suffer with PMS. This makes me feel extremely fortunate as I know a great many women who suffer with their menstrual cycle.

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I studied the ingredients list of Saludbox Amore in great detail. I was pleased to discover that they were all natural which is always a good sign. But, it was the list of scientific studies that were conducted in support of their impressive claims that really convinced me to try it.

I couldn’t help but try to visualise the type of scientific experiments that might be necessary to acquire such data. It even made me think of the day when I had the opportunity to masturbate in the name of scientific research. I often wish that I could be a regular test subject in such important experiments. I’d love to be responsible for generating groundbreaking data that could make – or break – someone’s sex life. I imagine being wired up, surrounded by random beeping sounds from multiple monitors, with sensors attached to my body and my movements being severely restricted while serious-minded scientists in white coats rush around scrutinising and analysing the screens displaying my unique orgasmic data.

I must admit that I’d never heard of chewing gum supplements before. After my introduction to them, however, I’ve become increasingly aware of their benefits. This alternative delivery system is ideal for those people who don’t like swallowing pills and who need a more comfortable option. The flavour is pleasantly minty without being overwhelmingly so and this chewing gum proves to be an excellent method by which active ingredients can be more readily absorbed. A single pack contains twenty pieces of gum with the suggested dosage being 2 pieces per day and should not be exceeded.

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Active ingredients include:

Maca – Increases libido.  

L-Arginine – one of the 20 amino acids that increase blood flow to the genitals.

Saffron – Increases libido.

Vitamin E – an antioxidant that works in synergy with L-Arginine.

Directions for use: Chew 1 -2 pieces of gum 10 minutes before beginning intimacy.

juices, saludbox, chewing gum, sex life, natural alternative to viagra, relieve menopause symptoms, venusohara, venus o'hara,, couples, condoms


The taste was pleasant and it warmed my mouth when I tried it for the first time. I was actually on the last few days of my period, which is probably the least erotic part of my cycle. Despite this, when I was in a cafe writing another article, I became unusually distracted by a variety of intensely erotic thoughts. It became obvious that I needed to get home and use a sex toy urgently. To reap the maximum benefits from the supplement, however, you should use it continuously for 10 days. That might be a dangerous proposition for me…

I also tried the Beauty supplement which contains Collagen, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they were like fruity sweets. The only consideration for me is that they are so tasty. If I don’t put them away afterwards, I may well exceed the recommended dosage.

My Saludbox also included a pack of Billy Boy condoms; the best selling brand in Germany. So, despite having the arousing supplement, the condoms and a raging libido, I was still missing something vital; a suitable man to take my frustrations out on. Oh well, I guess that sex toys will have to do…

Ideal for:                 

  • Anyone of any gender who wants to improve their sex life and increase their libido,
  • Vegans and vegetarians,
  • Improving the quality of your sex life,
  • Regulating and increasing the functionality of your endocrine system,
  • Relieving PMS or menopause symptoms,
  • Anyone looking for a natural alternative to viagra


For more information about Saludbox, visit their website.

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