Salsa – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

When I first danced salsa, I discovered that I had Latin fever. I got into it so much that I even became convinced that I may have been Latina in a previous life. 


In order to get my Latin fix, I went to a salsa club on a Saturday night. I hadn’t danced salsa for a while. I was very keen to get back into the groove. Once there, I danced with a couple of guys but they were worse than me and after a few failed attempts I was on a mission to find a better dancer. 


The protocol in the club was that men asked the women to dance, and the men led. I was fine with the latter part, but waiting for the men to ask me to dance meant that I’d end up dancing with all the bad dancers. 


There was one guy who was infinitely better than the others and he caught my attention. Although he wasn’t my type, it was his rhythmic intelligence that made him stand out to me. I decided to take a chance and go against normal salsa protocols and I approached him and asked him to dance. He said ‘yes’ straight away and we started to dance. 


He led me with skill, and spun me around, guiding me and making me look like I was a much better dancer than I actually was. I was literally blown away to the point where at the end of the song, I wanted more, so we danced to another song.


After a while, I needed a drink and to get my breath back. We had a chat and I tried to get to know him a little more. I wasn’t interested in him, emotionally or sexually, I just wanted to have a dance partner. 


And that’s what he became. 


Over the following months, we met most weekends to dance and as the weeks went by, my technique improved all the time. We became so familiar with dancing with each other that we even made up our own dance moves. 


Then one night, after we’d been dancing together for about a year, something shifted in our energy. I don’t know how to describe it other than the fact that we started to dance a lot closer together and in a much more sensual way than we had before. We had been just friends but all of a sudden, I was starting to see him in a new light. 


I went home and I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I started to imagine all sorts of scenarios with him where we would start dancing together and our salsa moves gradually became more scandalous until the point where we were dancing horizontally. 


The next day, I called him and asked if he wanted to practice our dance moves at his place. It wasn’t unusual for us to practice at each other’s houses but we rarely did so the day after an intense night of dancing. 


I chose my underwear and clothes carefully like a woman on a mission to seduce with salsa. When I got to his house, we started dancing. Just like the night before, our bodies were much closer than normal. We were practically pressed up against each other. We moved together and I could hear him breathing in my ear, 


The salsa-inspired sexual energy was getting pretty obvious between us to the point where I felt comfortable addressing it. 


‘Do you normally dance like this in Latin America?’ I asked


‘Only when it’s with someone we like a lot…’ he answered, in my ear, sending tingles throughout my whole body. 


The dancing got even more scandalous and he grabbed my hips as our pelvis moved together to the beat of the music. I started to feel his erection against me and I started to dance in a wild way that might not be described as salsa. 


All of a sudden, his hands grabbed my ass cheeks, pressing me closer to him. 


‘Do you like dancing with me?’ I asked. 


‘What do you think?’ He said, pressing his erection against me even more. 


It was like vertical dry humping and although it was now very clear which direction it was going in, I wanted the salsa seduction to last for as long as possible. 


He gradually became more daring in his exploration of my body as we danced, his hands exploring my curves outside my clothes. My breathing became deeper and I still kept moving my hips to express my arousal although by this point, I became oblivious to the rhythm. 


That’s when we kissed. Suddenly we stopped dancing, stayed still and just devoured each other. Even though the tension between us had only started to emerge the night before, the fact that we’d been dancing together for a year and nothing had ever happened before made it seem even more urgent. 


We shed our clothes and he led me to his bedroom where we indulged in a horizontal version of my favorite Latin dance and his stamina and rhythm literally left me speechless. 


After that day, we became lovers and our salsa dancing improved in leaps and bounds. We even created our own moves on and off the dancefloor. 


Needless to say, my Latin fever became more intense than ever.

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