Sacred Sexuality with Leola, Sacred Intimacy Mentor and Muse at Talk Tantra To Me

Leola Lauren, Sacred Intimacy Mentor, and Muse at Talk Tantra to Me, joins The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast hosted by Venus O’Hara. They discuss spiritual sexuality, sex magic, and how people can find peace and serenity in their lives.

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“I describe myself as a sacred intimacy mentor and muse”

Leola is an expert on tantra and sacred sexuality. She works virtually one-on-one with people for six months and hosts small events for goddess circles, breathwork workshops, tantra, yoga, and more. Leola also does contract bodywork in person. This entails integrating wisdom by doing inner work on yourself and your body and then infusing that wisdom into the community.

The first steps of Leola’s spiritual journey 

Leola grew up in a conservative part of the U.S. in Missouri. During her youth, she felt hypocrisy in how society suggested people should live their lives. In her early twenties, Leola went through traumatic relationships and experiences around intimacy and sexuality. That’s when she began her spiritual journey with tantra.

Discover the secrets behind sex magic

Leola explains that sex magic is based on the idea of the law of attraction. The idea is that you attract more of your current energetic vibration. If you think more positively, essentially, you’re going to experience more positive experiences, and vice versa. 

Sex magic means to channel the energy of pleasure into something else. You can intentionally move that energy up through your crown chakra, which is your connection to your highest self, to divinity, and to the cosmos. And with that, you can pair it with an intention.

How can people who are in pain move past their distractions and issues and find peace and serenity?

Leola believes that it comes down to learning to love your trauma because that’s what makes you who you are. It’s often a gateway into your highest self and discovering your purpose. Leola urges people to see these traumatic experiences as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve, which is the point of being human.


Which phrase/affirmation/quote/philosophy do you live by?

Trust in me is probably the mantra that is currently dominating my experience beautifully.


How should our audience live a more orgasmic lifestyle?

The thing that is coming to mind at this moment is being present. Just allow yourself the luxury of being present for any given moment as often as possible. And it doesn’t have to be a whole production every single time. It can be like eating lunch without checking emails at the same time. Or reading a book or whatever you’re able to experience.


What is the book that changed your life?

Conversations with God

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure 

The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis

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“I think we can meet our pleasure as we meet our shadows and our darkness. I also resonate with de-stigmatizing pleasure. There’s a lack of mentality in the world around anything that can be a tool or a channel for pleasure, whether it’s orgasm, money, or abundance. And I believe that these are all energetic frequencies that move like water. To me, allowing pleasure to flow through your life and trusting that the universe has more for you is an incredibly empowering perspective”. 

“I love that everything is magical now. Going into any sexual experience with intention is super powerful. The intention may be as simple as, I want to experience pleasure in my body today, I want to learn more about my body, or I want to express love to myself. Or it’s like, I want to channel this energy into creating my dream home”.


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