no-strings sex

The rules of no-strings sex

The rules of no-strings sex

Sex dating is getting increasingly popular, thanks not only to the internet but also to people’s mentalities getting more progressive over time. You might be at a point in your life right now where you’re not with anyone but you still desire some sort of company, or simply put you’re just looking at getting laid without the hassles that relationships can bring onto the table. So maybe sex dating could be a good thing for you, but before you jump into it there are a few rules that you should know to make your quest for sex easier and more successful.

No-strings, no emotions?

Okay so this probably sounds a little crude, but this is the idea behind having no-strings-sex. You don’t get attached, your partner doesn’t develop feelings for you and you keep your activities to being just sex. Instead of focusing on your feelings, you can put your attention toward lust and desire. It’s not the same thing as love but lust is a powerful emotion too. What it lacks in feelings it makes up in intensity. Sometimes lust is stronger than love, otherwise people wouldn’t have affairs when they are in a perfectly good relationship. Sex isn’t void of emotions, it’s just different. You’re not there to love, instead just focus on the good times.

Meeting new partners

Adult dating sites are actually really easy to use, more so than traditional ones. When you’re dating normally, you need to talk about yourself in a way that will make you a viable candidate for a lifelong event. With a no strings sex site, you only need to show that you’re up for a good time and that you have it in you to offer some fun to your potential partners. So when you create a dating profile, just stay honest and to the point. You’re just there to have sex with someone who wants the same, so just keep it to that. Be friendly, stay polite and listen to what others have to say too. Being a nice and considerate person will get you far into this game; further than being a rude and inconsiderate douche. Don’t trust what you see in porn movies, it’s just entertainment, you really don’t need to put women down to charm them; that stuff just doesn’t work.

Follow your own pace

Most people you will meet on dating sex sites will be genuine, but unfortunately there are a few scammers out there, it’s just the world we live in. You should be able to stay away from scammers providing you never let anyone rush you around. Take the time you need to make sure you feel you can trust the people you meet, message them for a few days before deciding on anything. Because you’re feeling horny, it can be easy to leave your brain aside, but it is up to you to make sure your sense of logic comes before all your other senses. Avoid anyone who asks you money, and keep your clothes on when you’re having webcam chats. Over time you will develop a good sense of what to do and when to do it. Remember you’re behind your computer, and no one can really get to you as long as you don’t let them. Stay safe, take your time and enjoy the naughty adventures that will follow!


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  1. DON’T choose someone you know closely, or have known (like an ex). Although it is best to not hook up with random strangers on a daily basis, it is also not okay to have such a relationship with someone you had been super close to in the past. This is precisely because when you get together with someone you had known, or do know in close proximity, such as an ex-lover or a friend or a colleague, then things become complicated from the start. Both of you share a past which is never a good thing when you are trying to maintain a relationship which is supposed to be completely emotionally detached.

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