Ripped Tights Fetish

It came as a surprise when I received requests for a photo-set based on the fetish of ripped tights. I had no real idea of just how popular it was and how far its visual delights had spread. Its power as a superior fetish is based on the visual desire for the shapely legs of a beautiful woman wearing tights who then wilfully frustrates that desire by destroying the tights by hand while she’s wearing them. She undermines her anticipated sophistication with unexpected trashiness; any elegance compromised by debauchery. In vandalising an enhancement to her own glamour she embodies a thrilling contradiction and flaunts her erotic power over any audience.

It takes hard work and a sense of humour to ladder a pair of tights properly. I was rolling around on a shifting surface of screwed up clothes and feeling naughty as I dug my fingers in to grab the material and tear it. The photographer was only too happy to join me and rip them a little more himself. I even crossed my legs and used my heels to penetrate the thin material and exaggerate the effect even further; laughing as I did it. As the flash went off, again and again, we were careful to maintain the sequential narrative of the mayhem. The holes in the stockings had to appear in the right order, just as a cigarette burns down in small stages; for the fans there’s nothing more important than that.

Photos by David Vega.


Venus O’Hara

ripped tights venus o'hara

3 thoughts on “Ripped Tights Fetish”

  1. Ripped tights is better than no tights I guess. I’ve had a fetish for tights for as long as I can remember. Although I’d hate to see this take to the streets.

    PS This new bare-legged look is a nightmare for me.

  2. rippedfuel_97

    Venus really gets the ripped tights look…there’s nothing better than a perfect pair of long legs with hosiery hanging in tatters. This is quality fetish imagery…mos def.

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