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Remote Control Vibrating Egg from IMO Toys Review

Remote Control Vibrating Egg from IMO Toys Review

Being a professional sex toy tester can be a lonely profession sometimes. Immediately after I’ve tested toys, I usually go to a cafe as I’m craving human contact and a coffee. It is there that I analyse my responses and write my review. I’m boosted both by caffeine and the other type of stimulation that I experienced earlier on.

Although I’m single, choosing a suitable candidate with which to test couples toys is always a challenge. When it comes to vibrating eggs, however, that isn’t the case. I can hand the remote control device to anyone. That’s precisely what I did with this wireless vibrating egg from Odeco, available at IMO Toys. It can be worn discretely in public while the controller can be pressed by any number of random fingers. Those digits can be attached to individuals whom I don’t have to be intimate with. 

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when it was time for the test. I woke up late and I was already thinking about going down to the beach to have my morning coffee in my local cafe. They know exactly how I like it served: a full cup, hot, strong and black, with a little brown sugar.

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My tech prep involved making sure the vibrating egg, and its remote control, were both fully charged. Then, I switched the remote control on and repeated the exercise with the toy before insertion. I just had to make sure everything was in perfect working order, I took a deep breath and forced myself to be serious. It turned out to be very easy to insert, thanks to its oval shape.

I lay down out on my unmade bed, pulled my leggings down to my knees, ready to insert the toy. My pelvic floor muscles closed up when I thought about surprising one of the waiters in my favourite cafe. I couldn’t stop laughing to myself, just thinking about how crazy this was, about what might happen. It was like having a special secret.

I was able to walk normally along the beach without any comfort issues related to the toy. I’ve had experiences in the past when a toy has started slipping down, making me walk like a penguin. This one was absolutely fine. When I arrived at my cafe, I sat at a table on the terrace. There was the sound of a salsa band rehearsing in the background, palm trees rustling, waves rolling onto the crowded beach. I saw sunbathers, tourists, and numerous people enjoying their day of rest and relishing the good weather. I, on the other hand, was hard at work testing a new sex toy. But, I’m not going to complain about that, of course. It’s all part and parcel of my orgasmic lifestyle.

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MATERIAL: Silicone and ABS. Waterproof. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

  • 7 vibration patterns,
  • Remote control effective up to a distance of 10 metres.
  • Charging time: 1 hour.
  • A complete charge provides 120 minutes of pleasure.

Packaging: The toy is presented in an elegant box that comes with a double-ended USB charging cable, remote control, instruction leaflet and drawstring storage bag.

USABILITY: I love the fact that the remote control is also rechargeable and that the USB cable is double-ended so the remote and the toy can be charged simultaneously. I made sure it was fully charged before use to avoid any disappointment.

I’ve tested many remotely controlled sex toys. Up until now, the controllers have always been battery operated even though the toy itself has been rechargeable. This is the first time that I’ve encountered a truly rechargeable remote. The tendency now is to go in the direction of app-controlled toys. That’s great but it requires downloading beforehand, connecting via the app and then letting someone assume control. This system, with an effective physical remote, allows for much greater spontaneity.

After ordering my coffee, as usual, I got my iPad out and began writing this review. I paused and caught the attention of the waiter who has become a friend of mine. I handed the remote control to him.  He frowned, as he is unfamiliar with the world of sex toys. He didn’t really believe me when I told him about my job, assuming that I was a lady of leisure when I’m actually devoted to pleasure.

‘Press the button?’ I ordered.

He did so. When he saw an instantaneous reaction, broadcast across my face, his suspicions were confirmed. It was like delicious torture for me, not knowing when it would vibrate or for how long.

Understanding the rules, he nodded. It was obvious that he enjoyed his moment of power.

‘Are you inspired?’ he asked before pressing down hard on the remote again.

I blushed, laughed and squirmed in my seat.

‘Then keep writing’ he grinned.

I was reacting immediately to the internal vibrations. The most thrilling sensation was due to the pulsation and wave vibration modes. I usually prefer a continuous vibration to reach orgasm. But, this wasn’t about orgasm; it was a public display of stimulation that I was anxious to keep hidden.

The following day, remembering the incident in the cafe, I used the toy externally as a clitoral stimulator and I had an explosive orgasm.



ORGASM-O-BILITY: It’s incredible when used as a foreplay couples sex toy. It might be fun that way, but if you want an orgasm it’s best to take it out for use as a dedicated clitoral stimulator in private. Its deep, powerful, rumbly vibrations and round tip are guaranteed to provoke orgasms.

PROS: Versatile, fun, discreet, excellent value for money.

CONS: I can’t think of any, it was so much fun!


  • Using in public, during a hot date, at the cinema, on a shopping trip, public transport.
  • As a gift to use with your partner.
  • Using as clitoral stimulator.

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