My Red Lipstick Fetish

Red lipstick fetish photos are the ones I’m asked for more than any other. With the revival of 1950s retro styles recently, it’s really no surprise just how popular the classic cheesecake calendar look has become again with its gingham dresses, bullet bras and ripe, pouting lips coated in shiny red lipstick.

Until now, I hadn’t found the perfect – long-lasting – shade of red that I’d been looking for to give me the dangerous Cupid’s bow that I wanted in a red lipstick fetish shoot. That search came to an end when I found MAC Red.

Red lipstick Fetish - Venus O'Hara
Throughout history, the combination of deep red lips and pale skin has become associated with decadence, debauchery and the promise of illicit pleasures to come. As soon as I saw my red lips shining in my make-up mirror it was only a matter of time before my idea of a red lipstick fetish photo-set became a reality.

Red lipstick Fetish - Venus O'Hara

To emphasise my moist, red, vulval lips I wore a black lace mask. Then, I mirrored the lipstick with a similar shade of glistening, red nail-polish. I’d waited long enough to shoot this red lipstick fetish set that I had to make sure that I’d applied enough of the MAC Red to make my point.
Red lipstick Fetish - Venus O'Hara
I glided the pointed tip around my pursed and pouting mouth over and over again – parting my lips to ensure complete coverage.

It tasted so sweet that I almost wanted to eat it.

Red lipstick Fetish - Venus O'Hara

Photos by Andrew O’Hara.

16 thoughts on “My Red Lipstick Fetish”

  1. The way you press that colour into your pillowy, pouting lips is better than any adult movie. You know what perfect fetish is. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. satin_skin_girl

    Can’t explain what you do to me in these pics…totally new experience for me. So much more than ordinary.

  3. This leaves other lipstick sets in the dirt and makes me wonder why you understand the fetish os well while others miss the point completely. A fine effort.

  4. This is the top of the fetish food chain as far as lipstick delight is concerned. You’re a smart and kink-savvy chick.

  5. Ann_Chovi_Mytton

    The fetish effect here is astonishing…clever and though-through to the final speck of purest kinky pleasure.

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