My Love for Red Lingerie – Venus O’Hara

Normally, red lingerie is perceived as being really tacky.

It’s associated with harlots, cheesy Valentine’s Day lingerie sets and Mother Christmas outfits.

As I adjusted the fit of the red lingerie and smoothed my breasts into a killer cleavage, I thought about how much I loved this bra, not just because it fits me so well but for the fact it’s elegant and avoids the tackiness of other “red” underwear. The worst of all are those pieces thrown together out of shiny, unflatteringly cheap fabric. They’re more like a nasty orange colour than real red.

After the bra’s front-fastening was opened, my freckled nudity almost merged into the white wall behind me. I’m conscious of the fetish potential of my red hair, white skin and green eyes-this shoot made me more aware of it than ever. The rich red motif was extended from the bra to include my glistening lipstick, red fingernails and the ripe strawberries that passed for succulent nipples. When those reds emphasised my eyes, blazing in the middle of my blowing hair-the image was almost complete. As I took the red tip of the fruit between my glossy lips and slowly sucked-I knew it was perfect.

I love the effect of red on my skin and I always will.

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Photos by Yuky.

6 thoughts on “My Love for Red Lingerie – Venus O’Hara”

  1. Amazingly realised set, especially the consistently impressive colour scheme that enhances your perfect body. I love the red motif seen in the nail-polish, bra and soft, strawberry flesh. The leafy green is used perfectly as a focal point in the breath-taking shot-making.

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