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Red Hot Period Sex

Red Hot Period Sex by Venus O’Hara

When you have a long distance fling, dates must be chosen carefully. It isn’t merely a case of making sure that they are socially convenient for both parties. More importantly, you have to make sure that it doesn’t happen when a period is due. I remember a time when I was organising a hot repeat-weekend with the first female lover that I ever had who lived in another city. There was also the complication that there were two menstrual cycles to consider. Hers was the only reliable one, however. At the time, mine was irregular. This was because I had come off the birth-control pill a few months earlier and my hormones were all over the place. But, seeing as all my lovers at the time were women, I could at least be sure that I wasn’t pregnant.

Our affair was short-lived but intense. We spent just four weekends together in total. Just remembering her naked body – as I type this, years after the fact – still gives me a delicious frisson that sparks from head to toe and back again. I recall her firm, pert breasts, her dark skin and how it contrasted against my own pale white complexion like a Benetton sex advert. Her perfectly shaped vulva, with its tight, soft lips was like something out of the perfect sapphic sex fantasy. I just wanted to cup it and caress it. Then, I desired to feel her warm abundant nectar merging with mine, making strange slurping, sucking, noises as we rubbed our bodies together to find ecstasy. The aftermath was far more intense than any heterosexual encounter I had ever experienced. After an intense bout of tribbing, my pubic bone felt bruised and tender. I had always thought that ‘girl on girl’ action would be soft and sensual, but I was so wrong,

She was the first woman that I had ever been intimate with and she made me question my sexuality. I felt a desire for her that I hadn’t felt for a man since my first love. I couldn’t get enough of her and when we walked along the street, hand in hand, I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. Even a simple thing like watching tv, snuggled-up on the sofa, was highly erotic, especially when our hands inevitably started to wander across each other’s bodies again.

Despite all these wonderful memories, the reality had been far from perfect. The conversation between us was frustratingly limited. I found her closed-minded and superficial in her opinions. We clashed on almost everything. Yet, somehow, this made our sexual connection even more uncontrolled. Where was the logic? We were wild and irrational around each other. For a long time, she was the perpetual blaze burning in my loins. Just thinking about her made me feel the need to lie down and just gather myself.

When the time came for our planned weekend together, everything started off amazingly well. The Friday was great; sex, dinner, snuggling on the sofa. It was just as enjoyable as other weekends. But then, when Saturday afternoon came, my period decided to make an unwelcome appearance. It chose to make its presence felt just as we were enjoying an intimate afternoon nap in my bed. I had no warning. There were no cramps, no PMS, nothing.

“Nooooo!” I exclaimed when I saw the blood trickling down my thigh. How could the universe be so cruel? Luckily, she didn’t seem to care. But I did; I cared a great deal. I wouldn’t be defeated, though. I had been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time and I wasn’t going to let my period ruin it. Our time together was limited and within 24 hours I’d be waving her farewell at the train station. Had this happened with a guy, it wouldn’t have been such an issue because of condoms. I would have just laid a dark towel on the bed and told him to carry on. With girl-on-girl period sex, things were going to be more restricted and complicated. Or so I had thought.

I decided to go to the bathroom, insert a tampon and snip the string. Then, I grabbed some lubricant. We could still rub our labia together and the lube would make up for my lack of natural arousal. This solution worked for a while. She became so horny as she rubbed her nakedess against my vulva that I could feel her deep, warm breath filling my ear. “I want to finger you” she sighed “take the tampon out.”

I felt a twitch in my vulva after hearing her words. I got up quickly, went back to the bathroom and did as she asked. I threw the tampon in the bin, washed, grabbed a dark towel and went back to the bedroom. The red-hot period sex was about to commence.

Blood got everywhere, even on her. Suddenly, the irrational attraction between us seemed even more magnetic than if I’d been without my period. Something that would’ve been utterly undesirable under normal circumstances now made everything even more intense.

She even went down on me and it blew my mind. ‘Now that’s what I call devotion to my vulva’, I thought to myself as I gleefully accepted her oral generosity. Her desire and enthusiasm were unmistakable. I was in awe of her devout worship of my needy sex. Despite all of the obstacles, she wanted to savour me no matter what. We rubbed our bodies together once again and, as her skilful fingers stimulated me, I realised that it wouldn’t take me long to succumb to orgasmic oblivion. Our orgasms were like echoes. First, it was me, then her and so it went on and on until we were both exhausted and my pubic bone just couldn’t take any more.

As we snuggled afterwards, I looked around the room. The towel I had prepared had found its way onto the floor and the sheets were spotted with red. It looked like a massacre had taken place. This may not seem like an arousing image to the majority of people but, to me, it was an authentic symbol of the irrational – and profoundly physical – attraction that we shared. Despite my efforts to keep things civilised, and not let my period be a nuisance and affect things too much, I found that this time the opposite was true. Although I was hoping for a period-free encounter, thanks to its arrival I ended up having one of the most unforgettable sexual encounters of my life.

If periods were always that thrillingly sexy, then I’d want one more than once a month.

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