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Pulse Queen by Hot Octopuss Sex Toy Review

When I first set eyes on Pulse Queen by Hot Octopuss, I was reminded of the fact that I’m an objectophile. Objectophilia, or Object-Sexuality, is a sexual orientation involving an enduring emotional, romantic or sexual attraction toward specific objects, such as trains, bridges, walls, cars, and words.


Of course, that isn’t the case with me. I’m turned on by the sight of sex toys, especially if I get to hold one in my hands, even without using it, my imagination is ignited. 


This is what happened when I was at the recent EroSpain B2B sexual wellness fair in Barcelona. I’ve learned a lot about anatomy in my profession as a sex toy reviewer. I can pretty much imagine how it’s going to feel. I intuitively knew that Pulse Queen would be amazing, especially when I switched it on and saw the pulse-plate technology in action. My jaw dropped and I was blown away. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try it for myself.


Pulse Queen is the world’s first wand with PulsePlate Technology™. It delivers high-amplitude oscillations that penetrate deep into your body. Whether you’re a newbie or a power queen, the PULSE QUEEN is intended for beginners and advanced users alike. 


PACKAGING: It is presented in recycled packaging. Inside the box, you will find a drawstring storage pouch. Instruction booklet, a USB charging cable and a warranty sheet. 

Pulse Queen

MATERIAL: It is made of ABS and silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant and it is waterproof, meaning that it’s easy to clean and you can use it in the bath or the shower. 

Pulse Queen

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From gentle to intense. 

Pulse Queen

NOISE LEVEL: When on the higher levels of intensity, it can be quite loud. 

USABILITY: Very intuitive to use. It was delivered on a Wednesday at 2:10 pm. By 2:20 pm I had already unboxed it and had my first orgasm. It was a very very intense orgasm but more about the orgasm in the following section. I love the shape because it’s very ergonomic to hold and to stimulate.  


The pulse plate is like a protruding nub that oscillates against the vulva, in particular against the clitoral glands in all the right places. The sensation is very deep and rumbly. It’s not a vibrator and the wonderful thing about this is that you cannot feel any residual vibration in the handle when you’re holding it. 


It’s easy to hold as well I can hold it in place easily during stimulation and access the buttons in order to switch it on or off or change the pattern or intensity while in use.  There are seven different patterns and several levels of intensity. The patterns feel nice, but my favourite one was the continuous one.  


I have used it many times since I got it almost a month ago. In fact, it has actually become my go-to sex toy. Even though I knew I would love it thanks to its shape and the sensation of the Pulse Plate technology, it has actually exceeded my expectations. I’m very reluctant to put it away in my spare room along with my collection that comprises 800 pleasure products. 


Charging time takes 2.5 hours and a full charge will provide you with 40 minutes of operating time. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: As mentioned, the orgasms from this product are epic. They are intense and I’m always writhing on my unmade bed in ecstasy whenever I use it. You can also use it against your nipples or even against other parts of your body during foreplay but for orgasm it’s seriously amazing. I love the deep rumbly profound sensation and it is very repeat-worthy. 


PROS: Recycled Packaging. Intuitive controls. Unique sensations. Epic orgasms. Very repeat-worthy. Waterproof. Ergonomic shape. original concept. Pulse Plate technology. 


CONS: It’s not silent. Please see the video review below for a soundcheck. If discreet sound is important for you, this isn’t for you. Charging time takes a long time. 




  • Top quality clitoral stimulation. 
  • Beginners and advanced users alike. 
  • Using on other parts of the body during foreplay. 

For more information about Pulse Queen by Hot Octopuss click here.

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