PULSE III DUO Review- The World’s First Guybrator from Hot Octopuss

PULSE III DUO from Hot Octopuss Review 

I had already heard about the first edition of this toy the first time I ever went to Erofame in Hannover a few years ago. Of all the products on show – thousands of them to be precise – I remembered this one for its originality. That is something seriously lacking in the sector. So many smaller companies are content to merely copy designs from the big brands and not innovate unnecessarily. Those who do something different always tend to stand out from the crowd.

Hot Octopuss is highly original brand from the UK. Its offering includes toys the like of which I’ve never seen before in the sector. PULSE III is The World’s first Guybrator™ with patented PulsePlate Technology™. PULSE is a multi-award winning male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man.

While PULSE III SOLO has been designed for exclusively for male use, PULSE III DUO – with its remote control and vibrating underside – has been specifically designed for couples to enjoy.

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Proven Medical Technology

Medical research has identified that oscillations – applied in a very specific way – can induce a man to ejaculate involuntarily. PULSE has harnessed this science through its oscillating PulsePlate™. It has been designed to deliver the most powerful and unique orgasm.

The couples sex toy category is growing all the time and many of those products just don’t hit the mark. In my opinion they are often brought in to spice things up when a sexual relationship is beginning to lose its flavour. When a given device fails to live up to expectations it usually gets stored away with the rest where they gather dust in their respective pieces of expensive packaging.

In my experience, sex toys intended to enhance penetration – like cock rings for example – need to be deployed in conjunction with a stationary grinding motion as opposed to a thrusting one. This maximises stimulation of the clitoris for her but might tend to detract from the experience for him. The sad truth is that couples toys rarely stimulate both partners to the same extent simultaneously. That’s why I was so intrigued when I discovered PULSE III.

Finding a suitable candidate to ‘pulse’ with was my next challenge. Being a single sex toy tester presents a challenge when there are couples sex toys to be tested. In this case, with more than one potential penis to play with, I felt like I was starring in an X-rated version of Cinderella. In this variation, I was playing the role of Princess Charming, who was looking for her perfect Cock-erella to fit her ‘shoe’- the Pulse III Duo. The good news is that the device accommodates all sizes and girths.

It didn’t take long to obtain some offers from potential candidates. There was one friend who offered to be my ‘lab rat’ for a suitable ‘sexperiment’. I had another subject in mind who appealed to me on multiple levels. He was in my firing line anyway, with or without PULSE III.

For the purposes of hygiene, I would never share the same toy with more than one person. I intended to get repeat business out of PULSE III so that suggested option two from my premium pair. He held far more potential for ongoing action.

PulsePlate Technology is the patented ‘piston’-like system PULSE uses to deliver high-amplitude oscillations rather than the low-amplitude vibrations typically deployed by conventional sex toys. Although oscillators are commonplace in the medical world, PULSE is the first device to bring this technology to the sex toy market. An added advantage of PULSE’s design is that a man doesn’t need to have an erection to take advantage of it. This fact alone makes it ideal for use by those with erectile difficulties as well as older users who might require a little extra help.

It offers nine levels of intensity and comes with a remote control. This is useful if you’re using it with a partner and you want to increase or decrease the intensity without interrupting the fun.

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MATERIAL: ABS and silicone. Compatible with water-based lubricant.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Deep, rumbly, intense oscillations.


USABILITY: A full charge takes 3 hours and will provide you with up to an hour of pulsing pleasure. The fact that it can be used with a flaccid – or erect – penis makes me think that it’s ideal for men with issues around impotence. That certainly wasn’t an issue for my chosen Cock-erella. I just thought that I’d make the most of his flaccid state to really test PULSE III’s capabilities.

I began on top, straddling PULSE III. It was very pleasant, with deep rumbly vibrations working against my eager clitoris. It felt amazing and, as I looked down from time to time, I could see him getting hard. For some reason, it’s always been difficult for me to climax when I’m in a vertical position. So, when I got really into it, I chose to switch things around and try PULSE III in the missionary position. This provided me with greater pressure against my clitoris. The fact that I was horizontal, instead of vertical, meant that it didn’t take me very long at all to climax.

Good morning! I found another Hot Octopuss on the beach this morning. Check out Pulse III from @hotoctopuss It’s a solo toy for him or a couple’s toy for foreplay. The guy puts it around his manhood and there is a ‘Pulse plate’ inside it. Then, she can feel it on the other side and enjoy the deep, rumbly oscillations. Just typing this is making me Pulse! I’m so excited to try it. I think the princess charming may have found her very own Cockerella to try it with. Omg! #sextoysatsunrise #sexfluencer #sextoytester #sextoy #couplegoals #couples #dawn #sunrise #nofilter #waves #sun #lovers #foreplay #pleasure #beach #beachlife #digitalnomad #locationindependent #theworldismyoffice #thebeachismyoffice #thursdaymotivation

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I also used it for some solo PULSE action as it can be deployed as an external vibrator for her. But, I wouldn’t recommend buying it solely for that purpose. It works far better as a combined guybrator and couples toy.

There are many ways to use PULSE III. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile couples toys that I’ve ever tested. For example:

  • As a Solo sex toy for men which can be used with or without lubricant, either static or in motion,
  • As a foreplay toy for heterosexual couples, in the missionary position or with the girl on top,
  • As a solo vibrator for her.

But, what I really love about it – and what sets it apart from the other couples toys that I’ve tried – is that it’s ideal for those moments when you’re both horny but have no condoms left. After all, there is no genital contact when you use it. It’s like the ultimate version of safe sex.

I almost wish I had a penis myself for solo PULSE sexperiences.

PULSE III DUO, PULSE III DUO Guybrator, couples sex toys, foreplay sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara, venusohara.org

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I managed to come very quickly, When we used it as a couple, he didn’t reach orgasm. But, that was nothing to do with the toy. After ten minutes of pulsing together, we got so horny that we ended up having conventional sex anyway.

I also used it as a female solo toy. I put my fingers on the pulse plate and stimulated myself until I came.

PROS: Versatile, fits all sizes and girths. Can be used when the penis is hard or flaccid. Solo or couple’s toy. Highly original. Perfect for foreplay.  

CONS: It’s not cheap.


  • A couple’s toy for foreplay,
  • Men of all sexual orientations,
  • Spicing up your sex life,
  • A couples gift to enjoy together,
  • Lazy sexperiences-you don’t even have to move, PULSE III will do all of the work for you.

For more information about PULSE III from Hot Octopuss, visit their web: https://www.hotoctopuss.com/

PULSE III DUO, PULSE III DUO Guybrator, couples sex toys, foreplay sex toys, rechargeable sex toys, vibrators, venusohara, venus o'hara, venusohara.org

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