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I worked in print sales for a while. I was good at it too. It was then that I began fantasising about making a living in the world of erotica instead. Every time I visited the printing presses to check the quality of the work coming off them, I wanted it to be me on the full-colour covers. It was my job to pose topless and look scandalous in the near future I decided. That was then.

Now, part of my ambition has already been achieved. I have written two erotic books and seen one of them, Ingles Para Pervertidos, roll off another local printing press with my face on the front. I have also been featured inside the pages of Interviu magazine with my discreet sideboob appearing on the cover.

Now, I am on the cover of Primera Linea magazine and I am totally topless. When I saw a digital mock-up of the finished cover I was delighted. My body looked natural and you can even see my freckles. My long red hair, green eyes and pouty red mouth looked just right. The thought of seeing my topless covergirl debut on every news stand for a month turned me on then and it still does now.


I was in a business meeting when I took a ‘phonecall. It was a former colleague from my old print company. He was excited. “You’ll never guess what?” he teased. After a few minutes of this I shouted “Just tell me!” into the handset. “We’re going to be printing your Primera Linea cover!” he explained. I could not believe my luck. I imagined how shocked my ex-colleagues would have been when they opened the the files, saw the covergirl, and recognised me. If only I could have been a fly on the wall at that moment. I wondered whether anyone would mention it when I visited the printers and looked at the first proofs of the cover.

The tension was obvious when one of my past colleagues checked a proof and stole a glimpse at me. I remembered that my dress was tight and flattering to my bust. He examined the colour values of my printed nipples with a magnifying glass, over and over again. Then he looked up from the proof, smiled hopefully and suggested that I unbutton the dress and show him my braless breasts right there. It would help in the final stage of colour correction he suggested. The other workers would need to have a look as well, he added.

I shook my head and signed one of the covers for him instead. The other print workers wanted one each as well. Before I knew it I was autographing cover after cover, signing my name across glossy prints of my own naked breasts. I left lipstick prints on the covers as well. Kissing pictures of my own tits was as strange and horny as I could have imagined.

When I posed for an iPhone photo standing next to a pallet truck I had to stop and think. The truck was piled high with thousands of uncut Primera Linea covers. Every one had me printed on it. I was posing topless and looking scandalous.

My fantasy had finally come true.

If you want to see how the cover turned out for yourself, then my issue of Primera Linea is available now. It features an 8-page interview with me, illustrated with more exclusive photos. It also includes a review of my book, “Ingles Para Pervertidos”.


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