A Polyfetish Dream

I’m a polyfetishist and it must seem like I’m being promiscuous with my affections towards different kinks. A lot of monofetishists seem to think it must be a confusing way to live but – for me – it couldn’t be any easier or more exciting. I can’t imagine being completely faithful to just one fetish. How other people manage to do it is a mystery to me.

I know people who live for those moments when they can indulge themselves in a single kink like tickling, smoking or foot fetish.These individual obsessions – to a monofetishist – exclude all others in their significance and I’d never criticise anyone’s fidelity to their chosen fetish. I adore tickling, smoking and foot fetish myself but if I focused on any one of them all the time I’d get really bored, really quickly.

For me, every fetish photo-session needs to have a different theme to keep it as fresh and provocative as possible. In the winter – for example – fur fetish, tight cardigan fetish and stocking fetish seem more appropriate to shoot. In the summer though, wet clothes fetish, and sploshing get me going faster.

Nothing remains the same and there are new fetishes developing all the time. Even something as recent and controversial as the hooded sweatshirt has produced it’s own, powerful ‘hoodie fetish with a – rapidly increasing – group of enthusiasts. I appreciate the devotion they show to their kink because I see the fetish value in almost everything around me. That’s what polyfetishism is all about.

The objective of this photo-set was to emphasise the fetishistic qualities of my porcelain-white skin by using ordinary fishing line as a bondage tool. It was only after I viewed the finished photos that I realised the images were a polyfetish dream made real. The many and varied kinks flaunted and projected by my body, from hair to heel, are as follows:

polyfetish dream by Venus O'Hara

Hidden Face Fetish: My features are suggested and hinted at, but are never fully shown. Every part of my body is given equal power in this collection of highlights, none of them dominate or define the unfolding fantasy.

Long-Hair Fetish: My distinctive red hair is turned into a primitive force of tactile nature, moving and transforming the composition with its blurs of restless erotic energy. It just begs to be stroked and adored.

Freckle Fetish: For perhaps the first time, my variety of freckles and their delicious patterning, all over my body, can be appreciated fully.

Polyfetish Dream by Venus O'Hara

Lipstick Fetish: My rich pout, deepened by liner, becomes a symbol for sexual desire and the promise of its fulfillment which remains forever out of reach.

Mis-Matched Underwear Fetish: I Know that men prefer mixed-up bras and panties that don’t fit with in with each others styles. This inconsistency gives equal importance to the parts of the woman’s body that each piece thin fabric relates to.

Blue-Vein Fetish: I prefer to see my body photographed in a raw and tactile style. Instead of being airbrushed into oblivion, my tracery of little veins adds a powerful fetish energy to any image, adding layer upon layer of sensual detail.

White Skin Fetish: The real value of white skin can only be appreciated in an environment where its uniqueness can shine. My porcelain colouring is a special effect that no computer can duplicate.The fishing line divides my skin into perfect pieces of blinding whiteness.

Polyfetish Dream by Venus O'Hara

Bondage Fetish: The art of being tied up has taken many forms but has never been as understated and provocative as here. The fishing line, wound round my curves and applying constant pressure to my sensitive skin is witty and sophisticated in its effect.

Handcuff-Panty Fetish: One of my favourite visual tricks; using the waistband of my underwear in place of real cuffs contrasts the restriction of my movement with softness and intimacy. This contradiction lies at the centre of my approach to fetishism.

Sock Fetish: The use of striped, knee-length socks reminds us of Alice in Wonderland and a half-forgotten connection to fairy tales and high Victorian style. The addition of the soft, black, satiny bows adds another reference to knots and bondage ritual.

Worn-Heel Fetish: A pair of perfect, shiny heels is a well-known Fetish stand-by but just as well regarded by shoe fetishists is a beautiful pair of well-used and authentic ones. They suggest a reality outside of an imagined environment dedicated to private pleasures.

There might be more fetishes in this set to consider. I’m very open to suggestions of just what they might be.

Photography by Victor Ag.

8 thoughts on “A Polyfetish Dream”

  1. I’d kind’ve heard this word (polyfetish) in the background but google hadn’t given me much to explain it. Thanks for the sweet and beautiful lesson.

  2. Found this by accident after search. Didn’t know anything about this kink. Thanks, this is really helpful!

  3. A long post but a vital one. Polyfetishism has been the “elephant in the room” where kink has been concerned for too long. I’m so glad you chose to take the time to give us your views on it.

  4. Fasten4MuchFun

    Fishing-line bondage is perfect when it’s your body that is being bound. Fantastic words as well.

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