Pleasure Seeker’s Paradise

Pleasure Seeker’s Paradise 


Written by Venus O’Hara


There is no doubt that sex blogging for over a decade has had a profound effect on my libido. And it hasn’t always been positive. When I used to lead a more conventional life, that is to say working on someone else’s dream from nine to five, Monday to Friday. My salary could barely get me through the month, but my libido was significantly higher. Not only that but whenever I came across sexual content or stimulus, it grabbed my attention a lot more. 


These days, as a self-employed orgasm activist, I’m working with sexual content all day long. I still enjoy a high libido, an active erotic imagination and I’m always discovering new things about my sexual response. The power of sexual energy and orgasm doesn’t cease to amaze me. I just don’t react to sexual content in the same way that I used to. I guess that’s because my whole life revolves around creating my own sexual content in some shape or form. 


I remember when I worked in export sales, years ago. Whenever I was back in my office in between my business trips, I was often bored as I sat at my chaotic desk. In order to make the time go by faster, and to satisfy my own sexual curiosity, I used to visit online forums with classified ads and peruse the ‘erotic’ section. 


This was before the era of social media and online profiles. There was a particular forum with a list of ads that catered to many different sexual tastes and practices. They weren’t categorised. You could see a title and the time it was posted. But to discover more, you had to click the link and read the whole posting. As I was doing this on someone else’s clock, I didn’t care about the amount of time I was wasting. 


There were times when I was particularly horny and I was tempted to answer some of the ads that I read. However, given the low intellectual level of the ads, I decided to take control of the situation myself and start posting my own. 


At first, I did this purely to entertain myself. I did begin to wonder if I would ever find someone who could read between the lines of my ridiculous, freaky ads. I even laughed to myself when I re-read the absolute rubbish that I was posting.


My most successful ad ever was one called: “only for married men.”


In it, I explained that I was a French lingerie model who was sick of men trying to get me to settle down. I just wanted to have no strings attached sex with a married man who promised that he would never try to leave his wife for me. 


To my surprise, (and disappointment with the institution of marriage) I received over 200 replies, phone numbers and several dick pics within a day of posting the ad. Many said: “don’t worry, I wouldn’t ever leave my wife for you.”


Another time, I posted an ad with the title: “only for solvent snobs.” This time, I demanded that the respondents send me a copy of their last tax declaration before I would even consider going on a date with them. The response was equally as impressive, although many had forgotten to prove their solvency to me. 


The only document they never forgot to attach was a dick pic. (Surprise, surprise…)


I found the whole process highly entertaining and once my perverse creativity was unleashed, there was no stopping me. I posted fake ads almost every week. I had endless fun thinking up far-out ‘joke’ ads to tease whoever was reading them. I imagined that they were also office workers, just like me. That is to say, working for someone else’s dream and bored AF. 


These days, now that I’m my own boss, I wouldn’t dream of wasting my precious time going through such forums. While I feel nostalgic as I reminisce about those days, thankfully online pleasure-seeking has improved immensely and you can find what you want more easily.


Well, you still might have to wade through an awful lot of dross to get to what you’re really looking for. As luck would have it, I recently found out about It is a website with reviews and guides of adult sites, hookups, chat, fetish sites. In other words, someone has taken the time to filter out anything that isn’t relevant. It serves a whole range of sexual tastes and practices. No matter what you’re into, you will find something that pleases you on here. 


However, if just don’t know what to do with your accumulated energy, there is a variety of sexual quizzes to help you determine what might be stimulating and satisfying. 


Speaking of which, I think I’m going to do one right now.


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